How to Use Custom USB Drives to Promote Your Business

Business promotion is about making your brand well-known among the general public. People must have your brand name in their sib-consciousness. So every single time they see your logo or name, they must remember it and feel a familiarity with it. If you keep this definition of promotion in your mind, it will be easier for you to understand the use of USB for brand promotion.

Usually, brands take e-media and social media for their brand promotion. They put banners and posters and some even give hand-outs too. But who uses a USB for promotion and how will they use it? Brands write their names on the casing or put their logo on the flash drive. These are given as a sentiment or a gift at conferences and meetings.

So if you are interested in making one for your business, it is not a difficult thing to do. You can find places like mrt3c where they make custom packaging for USBs. You can go to and make a custom design for your flash drives. Get it in bulk and hand them in conferences.

1 – For conferences for Pediatricians


Pediatricians and KG school teachers have a lot of cute items because they are always working with children. Therefore, if you want to promote your brand through their conferences, you can go for cartoon characters. There are various shapes like bananas foxes, trees and many more. You can place the USB in there and the casing would be of a character. They look super cute.

Even if the doctor or teacher is not using it, it will act as a toy for getting children’s attention. You can get your name as a sticker on the backside or get it engraved. Both options are easily available to use. You can discuss with the manufacturer and get your name imprinted on the character.

Another option is to get the shape of your logo. For example, your company is related to baby milk or feed and the logo is a small babyface. You can get the shape of that logo. This won’t be a problem for the manufacturer. All you have to do is to get that shape.

So if the parents and children see that shape too often, it will leave an imprint in their minds. The next time they go shopping, their subconsciousness will give them a feeling of familiarity. Thus, they are more likely to buy those products.

2 – Crystal Clear casing

This is one of the most popular shapes because it is classy and elegant. Furthermore, it shows the name clearly. You can hand them in at any conference. There is no category-specific formation here. Do you know why cartoon characters sell so much? Because they make us feel loved and bring back memories. Therefore, not only children but also teenagers and even adults tend to buy some cartoon character objects.

Similarly, if you have a USB of a specific brand, you will use it quite often. And every time you see it, you will also see the name and logo of the brand. Thus, it will eventually alter your shopping behavior. You are more likely to buy that brand’s products. Because you have a familiarity with them. Your brain will consider it more trustworthy.

3 – Give it as a Giveaway gift


The word “Free” has a lot of power. It attracts almost everyone who is aware of this word. So you can arrange a promotional event. For example, if you have a cold drink company, you can arrange an event. There you will welcome them to have a competition and whoever wins the game will receive a free gift. You can prepare some snacks and your cold drink along with a USB.

This will be a complete gift for the final winner. But as for the second and third ones, you can give them only drinks or drink along with a USB. They will love the event. Furthermore, free gifts will attract more of them. You will have double progress with such events.

Firstly, you will be able to make more people familiar with your brand. So if you are just starting the company, this type of promotional event will let them have a taste of your drink.

Secondly, the customers will have a happy moment there, especially the winners. So they are more likely to buy any of your products. Such events make amazing promotions.

4 – Store your presentation in it

If your company is arranging a conference for its suppliers and distributors, the presenter will be there. You can keep his presentation on USB drives and give it as a free gift for your attendees. They will be able to see the presentation afterward. Furthermore, having such a useful item in their hand will be quite useful for you too. They won’t throw it away and will show it to many other people even without noticing.

5 – Keep your free coupons in it


Another great way of making people buy your product is through coupon codes. You can give 10 percent or 15 percent off on your company products. Store these coupon codes in that flash drive. Even if no one wants to buy, the discount offer will convince them anyway.

For example, if customers buy 6 drinks from your brand, they can get a 15 percent discount. So instead of buying the drinks from any other brand, they are likely to go for yours. The discount offer will attract them. Watching other consumers have your products will convince other buyers too.

In addition to this, they will keep the flash drive safe with them because they can use those coupons. Afterward, the USB will be with them most of the time. So even if they are not doing anything, they are still promoting your brand. If someone asks them about it, they will tell them too. So it will be free promotion.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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