USB Stick as a Business Gift

Do you want to choose the perfect business gift with your logo printed on it? You can opt for a branded USB flash drive. You will find a wide range of USB sticks that can be personalized with your logo and your company’s name. This type of promotional gifts is a great way of building and consolidating your professional relationships with your customers and your business partners.

A customized USB flash drive is an excellent medium of communication whether for a small business or a large corporation. You can easily find the right customizable model according to your preferences and your company’s image. As a matter of fact, there are different capacities, colors, materials and printing options to choose from.

The Main Advantages of a USB business gift

This high-tech promotional product is useful for your customers, your staff, your business partners, but also for your own personal and professional use. Moreover, it is a modern alternative to traditional promotional gifts like pens and keyrings for more details check e-dkado-pro. Choosing a promotional USB flash drive as a business gift is the perfect way of marketing your brand in accordance to your enterprise value. Here are the main advantages of this type or business gift.

A Customizable Promotional Gadget


Are you looking for a better way of enhancing the visibility of your business and of maximizing your success at the same time? The USB key as a promotional item is a choice par excellence. It is indeed a promotional object offering a wide possibility of personalization and marking. Of all the promotional items that you will find on the market, the USB flash drive is the one that can be custom designed perfectly according to the image of your company.

Whatever your sector of activity, you have the possibility of characterizing a cheap USB flash drive from your brand image, your logo or even your products and services. For a bank, for example, it is possible to create a USB stick in the shape of a credit card. If you sell perfumes, you can opt for fragrant USB keys. However, it is best to rely on specialists of promotional items in order to offer a quality customized USB flash drive as a company gift. With today’s technological advances, printing can be done on all types of media. Your USB corporate gift can also have the colors you want. In addition to printing, engraving is an excellent option for personalizing your USB flash drives.

An Extremely Useful Business Gift

This is the greatest strength of the USB business gift as a promotional item. Many other professional presents for promotional purposes ultimately have little impact in the medium and long term. Most of the time, they simply end up at the back of a drawer because their recipients find no use for them. Many reasons can make an advertising object unused and therefore very inefficient in terms of visibility:

  • A mass-distributed giveaway such as a pen. This kind of gift can be very useful, but it is also very widespread and everyone already owns at least one that they prefer.
  • In addition, its printing surface being very small, your logo will be very little visible, making the advertising pen less effective than it seems.
  • An obsolete object that can be replaced by new technologies. It is the case of a branded calendar. These days, many people simply use their phone or computer as a diary or calendar. The latter could therefore fall by the wayside quite easily. Plus, it is useful only for a year.

For its part, the customized USB stick is an extremely used object, both by professionals and by private individuals. Indeed, there are very few other means than a USB flash drive to store data (apart from external hard drives, which are much bulkier) and not everyone has a USB stick at their disposal when they need it. The choice of an advertising USB business gift is therefore the warranty of a useful gift that will boost the visibility of your company in the short, but also in the medium and long term.

A Marketing Object Suitable for all Types of Events


Whatever messages you would like to deliver to your prospects and customers, USB sticks can convey them perfectly. Apart from being an excellent marketing object that can be personalized as desired, the USB corporate gift is also a generalist and multifunctional gadget. The personalized USB flash drive is one of the most interesting promotional items which are useful on a daily basis and for everyone.

Whether your company is organizing a conference, a congress, a seminar or even the launch of a product, branded USB flash drives will be perfect gifts for your customers and employees. Thanks to the personalization option, they will differentiate your company from your competitors in a more original way. USB flash drives branded with your company logo also make the perfect choice as customer appreciation gifts.

A Company Gift that Works for Everyone

Unlike other promotional items, the personalized USB flash drive represents one of the most effective promotional gifts you can offer to your prospects, clients and collaborators. Its effectiveness is not limited in time or in terms of targets. The USB key designed in the image of your company is a gift that can be offered to anyone. Both men and women will always find it useful. Indeed, we all use a USB stick on a daily basis to store our digital data.

It is also used for transferring files, documents and photos in the office and at home. It even becomes an essential accessory in the digital age and is one of the most used in the world. Thus, as a marketing object, the customized USB flash drive will remain among the advertising gadgets that will always work. Every time your customer or target uses it, it promotes your brand. In addition to being a business gift suitable for everyone, the USB flash drive offers your company a great visibility over a long period of time. With customers and co-workers who travel quite often, your USB corporate gift will promote your brand image internationally.

One of the Most Efficient Business Gift


If the USB stick is currently one of the most popular business gifts, it is mainly because of its daily usefulness. It not only serves to facilitate the transfer and backup of digital data. It is also the easiest to transport. A USB key accompanies you wherever you go. The advantage then lies in the fact that your logo or brand will be seen everywhere and by a large number of people. It also allows you to build a personalized relationship with customers.

If the USB flash drive is currently one of the most popular corporate gifts, it is mainly because of its daily usefulness as we already said. It not only serves to facilitate the transfer and backup of digital data. It is also the easiest to transport. A branded USB stick accompanies you wherever you go. The advantage lies in the fact that your logo or brand will be seen everywhere and by a large number of people. It also allows you to build a personalized relationship with customers.

Receiving such a gift can create real emotions. It even manages to strike the mind to be marked there for a long time. It triggers a real feeling of belonging to the brand. Given that the USB stick is a high-quality product, it always pleases and draws attention. Opting for a customized USB flash drive as a marketing object means choosing a tailor-made and effective gadget to encourage the growth of your business.

How to Choose a Promotional USB Flash Drive?


To take advantage of all the aforementioned benefits, it is important to choose the USB stick to be personalized. Here are our tips:

Choosing the Right Technical Characteristics

Before choosing your customized USB stick, it is important to determine the storage capacity. The larger the capacity, the more branded USB flash drive will become an essential daily tool. Indeed, a model with a larger memory allows to store files, software, videos, photos, etc. Therefore, models with a capacity of 4 to 8 GB remain suitable and affordable. Also pick a USB stick that has a fairly fast read and write speed, a 2.0 model with 480Mbits/second for example.

Adapt the Design of the Promotional USB Stick to your Activity

Previously, the USB flash was still limited to very simple basic forms. But it now comes in many forms. So that it can convey your brand, the ideal is to contextualize promotional USB flash drives in your business area. Companies that want to highlight their commitment to environmental protection can choose an ecological material such as wood or recycled plastic.

Choose a USB Business Gift according to the Occasion

To define the number of USB sticks you need, it is important to determine the occasion for which you are going to give them away. As part of an event such as a trade show, you will need to plan hundreds of copies and choose more classic models marked with your logo in order to limit the cost. If you have planned to offer for prospecting appointments, it is wiser to choose custom USB flash drives with a large memory capacity.

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