What is an Underdog in Sports Betting? – 2024 Guide

We all know that in sports, much like in life, there are people who almost always win, but also those who often lose in one way or another. Often, we win because we are well prepared for something, have talents and skills, we work hard towards a goal, and sometimes, of course, it is a matter of luck. You know, “born under a lucky star” thing. Also, when it comes to so-called losing, apart from our unpreparedness, lack of knowledge and skills, very often the main reason is bad luck! Today we will focus on this scenario in which someone is more prone to losing. We will talk about this phenomenon from the perspective of sports, in particular, sports betting.

All sports lovers have their favorite team or athlete. Often times those teams and athletes are already established and successful. Naturally, some teams or athletes have bad moments, too. It is often unclear how someone falls into that vicious circle of failure. This is an important topic for all those who bet on their sports heroes and who are used to benefit from it. We will explain what the underdog means in sports betting.

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If we look at the general definition of the word underdog, it will tell us that the word means a person or group of people with less power or money from the rest of society. Okay, interesting. We will certainly recognize someone in this definition. But what is an underdog in sports betting? The definition says that in sports betting, an outsider is a team or player who is expected to lose a particular game or event. So, if you bet, how will you know who has higher chances to end up losing? Both in range and cash betting underdog is the team listed in front of the number with a plus sign (+). “Range” is the difference between the two teams in the game in terms of the expected points that will be scored in the game. This allows bookmakers to bet on how close the game will be, as opposed to simply betting on the winner and loser. The greater the spread, the greater the underdog. Spread betting payout is based on the accuracy of the bet and not on a simple “win or lose” situation.

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There are many voices against betting and people who aim to separate sports from this activity. Sometimes, of course, this is justified, sometimes it is not. Sports betting is as old as sports, only the ways people bet nowadays have changed significantly. What can negatively shape someone’s view on sports betting today is the technology that is addictive and which, with its availability, encourages us to constantly check the results of the most important matches. As a result, it motivates us to bet more often, thus maintaining or boosting our addiction for betting. Needless to say, any activity we do can be good or bad, depending on how we apply it in our lives. Betting alone can’t be bad, addiction, however, is a different thing.

However, let’s focus on the concept of the underdog and some famous athletes who may not have won many titles in their careers, but are the stars of underdog athletes. They achieved some surprising, significant results leaving the world in surprise. So what are the most famous underdog sports stories of all time? We will mention only a few, just to give you material for further research. Miracle on ice (1980), then the so-called Miracle Mets story from 1969, Pittsburgh Pirates defeat New York Yankees – 1960 World Series, Buster Douglas defeats Mike Tyson (1990), New England Patriots win Super Bowl XXXVI, Appalachian State beats Michigan (2003), Holly Holm defeats Ronda Rousey in UFC 193 (2015), New Jersey Devils win the 1995 Stanley Cup. Real sports enthusiasts certainly know about these interesting stories, but it’s not bad to be reminded.

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After you’ve read all this, you’re probably wondering if anyone is betting on athletes with small chances for success. At least initially. The answer is yes, absolutely! People have their favorites and often stay true to betting on them. And it happens, sometimes at least, that the one who was undoubtedly thought to lose – wins. Imagine all that enthusiasm of the true fans. Not only did her or his favorite team or athlete win, but they also earned some money.

Either way, we all lose or win sometimes. Success takes effort, work and discipline, as well as a little bit of luck. Even if you sometimes feel that luck has turned its back on you, the above things will be enough to make you successful in the long run. And don’t forget to be patient, whether it is about your favorite football team, your favorite tennis player, or maybe just yourself.