8 Types of Blackjack You Should Know About Online in 2024

When most people think of blackjack, they think about the classic card game that has remained wildly popular at casinos all over the world. But blackjack isn’t really an individual game. Instead, it should be thought of as a game genre. Just like the way, for example, poker has several very different variations, like three-card poker, Texas hold’em, and so on, many different blackjack variants exist.

But here’s the rub: If you visit a casino resort somewhere like Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you are only going to see the classic versions. Sure, you might come across slight rule differences between AC and Vegas, but the basics of the game are the same. Online, however, it’s a different matter, and the unlimited space of an online casino means it can host dozens of weird and wonderful blackjack variants, some of which can be much lucrative than the traditional version.

Below we pick out eight of the more interesting blackjack games you can find online right now:

1. Lucky Blackjack

img source: slotcatalog.com

Lucky Blackjack is an intriguing game, exclusive to casinos that host games from Playtech – the world’s largest developer of casino games and software. You can visit here for details on Lucky Blackjack, but the game has a host of fun side bets that can boost your winning potential dramatically. For instance, coming up three ‘7’ cards on the side bet will pay a cool 200/1 on your wager. You can also play up to five hands simultaneously. The rules might look a little complicated, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

2. Blackjack Surrender

img source: gamblerspick.com

A game for the master strategists only, so don’t even consider playing until you feel you have mastered the basic blackjack strategy. The main thing to know about Blackjack Surrender is that there is a folding option for the player halfway through the game. To fold, i.e., surrender, it will cost half your stake. Great players believe that they can play the percentages in this case, knowing that losing half the stake is preferable when it’s statistically likely you will lose everything from a single hand. Again, though, you’ll need to practice a lot before becoming adept at such a risky strategy.

3. Progressive Blackjack

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A really simple one here: In short, this is the blackjack that we know and love except for the fact that there is also a progressive jackpot attached to the game. In theory, that top prize can reach millions of dollars, and nobody knows when it will pay as it is awarded randomly. There is a small catch in that the jackpot is funded by taking a small percentage of each wager (normally less than a cent in the dollar). But if you dream big when you play casino games, this may be preferable to regular blackjack.

4. Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack

img source: skybet.com

In 1996, horse racing jockey, Frankie Dettori, managed to pull off the remarkable feat of seven consecutive wins at Ascot Racecourse. The achievement will probably never be equaled, but Dettori’s feat was immortalized in a series of casino games that became hugely popular across the world. One such example of these games is Magic Seven Blackjack. Like Progressive Blackjack above, it features a huge jackpot payout, but there are other fun horse racing-themed features that can also lead to riches.

5. 21 Duel Blackjack

img source: gamblerspick.com

Finishing with another one for the strategy fans and a game where you should also do a bit of research before playing for real money. Of all the titles on this list, 21 Duel Blackjack is perhaps the most detached from traditional blackjack, resembling variants of poker with the use of community cards, etc. But it’s a lot of fun when you learn how to play, and we might even argue that it’s a bit more sophisticated than classic blackjack.

6. Quantum Blackjack

img source: 1001spins.com

One of the coolest-looking games to ever appear at an online casino, Quantum Blackjack is one of Playtech’s most ambitious creations. It is mostly played in live dealer format, but there is a fusion of RNG technology with the real gameplay. In short, it works like this: Alongside the main blackjack game, the software picks out three “quantum” cards, each of which has from X3-X10 multipliers attached. If your card matches one quantum card, your win will be multiplied by that value. If you match two quantum cards, it is possible to win 100 times your stake; and, if you match three, it could be 1000 times your stake, i.e. 10 X 10 X 10. There always has to be a trade-off to award these big prizes, of course, as the casino would never make a profit otherwise. In the case of Quantum Blackjack, there are lower payouts for standard blackjack and the game is called a push (tie) if the dealer busts with three cards.

7. Blackjack Switch

img source: casinobloke.com

Blackjack Switch is an easy game to understand with a simple rule that many players like. You play two hands separately, but you will be offered the option to “switch” the second cards dealt to each hand. It could work like this: Hand A is 6, 10 (16), and Hand B is 10,5 (15). Switching the top two cards (the 10 and 5) would make the more desirable scores of 11 (you will want to hit) and 20 (stick). This, some contend, makes the game a little more suited to strategic players, especially as you can double down after the switch. But there are also a couple of drawbacks, including the fact a tie is called when the dealer gets 22.

8. Double Attack Blackjack

img source: gamblerspick.com

We mentioned that many of these variants are almost exclusively found online, but Double Attack Blackjack remains popular in various Atlantic City casinos. There are lots of rules surrounding it, including the fact it is played with a 48-card “Spanish” deck, i.e. the 10s are removed. Anyway, as the name suggests, Double Attack Blackjack is meant to be aggressive, with the player having the option to double – or surrender – at any point in the game. Another one for which we should warn that expert knowledge is needed to succeed, but it can be enjoyable after learning a few basic rules.