5 Trends That are Now Becoming Common in the E-commerce

Trying to predict the future without solid ground is an impossible task. The only thing that can come out as a result of these predictions is making a mistake.

Therefore, before you are bold enough to make any prediction you need to understand the basics and all the trends that surround the original idea. Simply said, before you are ready to say anything about a certain idea, you should conduct thorough research that will provide you with enough knowledge about a certain topic.

One of the hottest topics in this day and age is certainly e-commerce sites. For those who don’t know, these are online shops that provide their customer’s easy access. At the same time, site owners have a much easier task of setting their e-shops up. Since we know that you can make your website by choosing from a wide array of platforms. One of these is Magento. If you want to learn more about it, be sure to check Elogic.co.

Now, we would like to talk about the most important trends that will surely be present in the future of this concept. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Live Streaming

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We would like to start with a trend that has emerged in the last year or so. We are talking about live streaming. While this is not a new idea, this trend has become particularly popular when the global pandemic of COVID-19 started. The reason is rather simple, all the communication in the world was lowered to a bare minimum. So, communication through live videos has become an effective formula.

At the same time, we can see that it is complement with another highly popular trend, video marketing. If you take a look at some official statistics and studies, you will see that the combination of these two can increase traffic on your website by 90% or more. Therefore, you can see that by including this combination in your Magento shop, you can expect a serious surge in engagement and traffic.

2. Push Notifications

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Despite they are nothing new, push notifications are one of the most popular trends within e-commerce in the last couple of years. The main goal of this approach is to preserve the loyal customers and get them back to the e-shop. Through this approach, the site’s management can have a high-detailed insight into their visitor’s movements and interests. These keep them engaged through personalized notifications.

Thankfully, this method was developed to the highest of levels, and you can reach the customers even when they are not on your site for quite a long time. They will see a personalized message the next moment they open their browser. The content of these notifications can be entirely different every time. All in all, it is important to receive feedback from your customers and attract new ones in the process.

3. Voice Search

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If you take a look at the market back in 2024, you will see that only a quarter of shoppers have used voice search when visiting e-shops. According to all of the predictions, it is safe to say that this number will double in 2024. From what we can see now, this prediction is a good way to get fulfilled. The US is the first country in the world where we saw a massive surge of voice search users.

After the US, European Union comes in second place. Since we are talking about a trend, we can see that all the major CMS’s, including Magento, have started the process of making their platform compatible with this method. Because we are talking about a trend that is yet to fulfill its potential, we are looking at a complete shift from the traditional methods of search.

4. Smooth Customer Experience

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Nobody likes arriving on a site and not having the best possible customer experience. While some faults can be tolerated, a vast majority of people would just completely abandon the idea of visiting it. Without any doubt, we are talking about a trend that exists since the beginning of e-shops, and the one that will never cease to exist. The reason is simple, every visitor likes to experience a smooth user interface.

While providing the highest level of user experience quality may sound easy, we assure you, it is not. There are numerous benefits the site can reap from providing a pleasant customer experience. We are talking about higher SEO ranking, increasing brand awareness, and boosted visibility. All of these benefits will play a crucial role in your site becoming much more popular in the future. Invest your best efforts in its development.

5. Magento PWA

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Last but not least, we would like to talk about an exclusive Magento development trend. We are talking about Magento PWA. Simply said, it is software that provides Magento store owners to make a certain transformation. Their sites can become high-quality mobile apps. Certainly, you understand how big of a deal something like this is. It cuts significant costs, both in time and resources.

Even though there were many different tries to build something similar to this type of software, it should be said that this is the first successful project of this kind. Just think about it, you will have a chance to transform your site into an app, without including any other software into the mix. Even better, these apps can be run both on iOS and Android mobile devices, which is a great potential for website owners. Nowadays, it is simple to find and hire Magento developers service to expand your website. to expand your website.

The Bottom Line

Sure, you know that e-commerce is a concept prone to constant changes. Sometimes, it can be quite hard to follow all of them properly. That’s why focusing on the most important ones can be crucial for the understanding of the concept as a whole. That way, you can maximize the potential out of all of these. Here, you can take a look at some of the most interesting ones. Some are new, some are here for quite a while. Nevertheless, all of them will provide you with numerous benefits.