When Was the Last Time Your Car Got a Deep Clean? – 2024 Guide

Even though there are other ways to get around, there is no better way to get wherever and whenever you want than by car, which makes car something of a must-have living in a world where every second count. On the other hand, a car is a significant investment to most of us, and therefore, we try to ensure we keep it in the best possible state without costing us too much. That means that we all try to keep our vehicle in the best condition we can in order to avoid some unnecessary breakdowns.

But that’s not all, as we are also trying to keep our automobile look the best it can all the time. Doing a regular wash to keep it nice and tidy to servicing to ensure the engine is running perfectly, but what about keeping the wheels clean? When was the last time your car got a deep clean?

According to carcare.net.au, our vehicles collect harmful bacteria and germs, and if you have not done a deep clean in a while, there is a good chance there is a build-up of these harmful germs. So how about taking the time to take a car for a thorough deep wash? There is nothing more important with the current pandemic period than ensuring the area we stay in is clean and properly sanitized.

The cause of the pandemic is not something visible, and that is why it is highly important to take all necessary measures in order to protect us and those we care most about. The inside of the vehicle may look sharp and neat, but without this type of cleaning, it is not possible to say that it really is.

The importance of getting your car sanitized

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One might think a simple wash will be enough to keep the vehicle clean, but you need to have it sanitized to get rid of these harmful germs. Let us take, for example, the steering wheel; this has been found to have 12 times as many germs as a toilet seat–yes, toilet seat.

Think about it, we use our car to go to many places, to shops, to restaurants, to work, back home, the garage, and any other place we frequently visit, but we don’t think of sanitizing the steering wheel when we get home or get back in the car. And when we make a stop, we most likely use and touch something with our hands, meaning that the germs slowly accumulate.

Cleaning the steering wheel should become our good habit, even once when the pandemic is over, since it does not require a lot of time, but it can save us from many other diseases. You can use the antibacterial wipes and simply wipe the steering wheel. It is as simple as that but can save us from harmful bacterias. It does not last for more than a few seconds, and after that, you will know that you are much safer.

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When washing the vehicle at home or a car wash, the focus is mainly on surface-level aesthetics because what most people want to achieve is getting the dust and the dirt out to make it look nice and sparkling clean, rather than doing a proper sanitization of your car’s interior. Additionally, the lack of proper tools could make it a challenge to clean the vehicle properly. Thus, booking an appointment and letting professionals deal with it will be a much better choice for everyone.

The entire deep cleaning is not too expensive, and the professionals will do all the work quickly and efficiently, meaning that one can use that time to relax and drink coffee, for example, and sit in a perfectly clean car after they finish the job.

Besides having germs and bacteria build-up, there could also be a stubborn smell in your car, even after proper cleaning and vacuuming the interiors. It could be a smoke smell, vomit from children, pet outdoors if you have some that you like traveling with, even urine. Without professional help, these smells can be a nightmare to get rid of, and those who had this problem can testify that getting rid of that smell can take much of your time and money.

Driving around in the automobile with an odor is not something that any person wishes, especially if there is a simple way to solve that problem. A professional cleaner can help with that for a fair price and a small amount of time, so there is no reason to try to do it on your own, as you will not get the same results, and in the end, it can actually cost you much more.

How the professionals do it when sanitizing the vehicle?

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Car cleaning services have equipped themselves with the best machines when it comes to deep cleaning the vehicle. They use purifiers to help eliminate the undesirable bacteria, smells, allergens, and all other things, which slowly build up in cars’ interior. That is a better option than spraying chemicals, as doing so tends to last for only a few hours. The purifier is friendly on the vehicle, protects the environment, and what’s more important to the car owner, it has long-lasting results.

The next thing is sanitizing the vehicle; this is from the steering wheel that is notorious for most germs and bacteria to the dashboard, door handles, and every surface area inside your vehicle. Sanitizing has always been important, but now more than ever, which is why trusting your car with professionals to not only clean it but to sanitize it can be of great importance.


As you can see, there are many reasons why deep cleaning should be a priority and something of a habit, especially for those who use their car frequently. If you have not deep cleaned your car until now, then it is time to do that as soon as possible. Proper cleaning goes a long way in keeping any vehicle in good condition, keep it neat, clean, and odorless. Another thing not to forget about is that it also protects us from harmful diseases.