9 Things You’ll Probably Want To Buy For Your First Car

You bought your first car ever, and you are so excited. You cannot wait to enjoy the ride and test your new vehicle. No need to rush about that. There are some things you need to get for your automobile before you hit the road, to feel safe and comfortable. Off course, there is also the possibility that you found some used SUVs to buy with plenty of included stuff. However, you still need some extra things to have with you in the automobile.

First Aid Kit

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The first aid kit is still one of those items. It is necessary to observe the expiration date of medical items and a certain list. Now the medical kit should contain only bandages, tourniquets, etc. Medications are excluded from the composition.

The towel

This useful thing comes in handy for different occasions. You can wrap up in it and keep warm at night or in cool weather, and wipe yourself after getting wet. It will help to pull the car out of the mud, ice, or snow. To do this, the towel is placed under the tire to improve traction.

Fire extinguisher

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A car fire extinguisher must be in every vehicle without exception. And it’s not even that it is required by the state automobile inspection. On the road, there may be any unforeseen situation, up to and including spontaneous fire, capable of destroying the entire car. Due to the fact that car owners save space in the car, they buy the smallest fire extinguishers, which to eliminate fire need a dozen. Be smart and buy a bigger fire extinguisher by getting advice from a firefighting equipment store.

USB adapter or cigarette lighter adapter

You probably need to charge your device to drive safely and comfortably, to always be in touch with the people you need, as well as using the phone navigator to check the route and not get lost.

Some spare wheels

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Particularly thoughtful automobile owners put in the trunk of their car a whole spare wheel, in case it is not provided by the car’s configuration. Yes, this additional item takes up a lot of space in the trunk. For a person who is constantly moving around in the city, carrying a spare tire, perhaps, is not a rational solution – in case of emergency, you can get to the nearest tire fitting shop. It is more reasonable to have a set for repairing punctures and know how to use them.

Next to the set of tools in the car trunk, you need to put at least the simplest compressor. It will not take much space, but it will be very useful when you need to pump up a wheel to get to the nearest tire fitting shop. In case of sudden breakage, which, for example, completely immobilized a car, a towing rope should be in the trunk, to take the car to the nearest car-care center.


What could be worse than a sticky steering wheel? Even if you don’t eat sweets on the road, tissues are always useful. Preferably, they should be wet, but toilet paper will do. It’s not a secret that this precious accessory will help in the most unpredictable situation, from which no one is insured on the route of any distance.

Jumper cables

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You might not need this thing if you just bought a brand-new vehicle. However, the jump leads are worth putting in the car. If they are not useful to you, they will help less lucky colleagues.

Fuel reserve

How long can you drive on a light bulb? Even experienced drivers sometimes get into trouble by “drying out” on the road. Beginners – even more so. The fuel gauge is lying or has failed, it didn’t compare fuel consumption with the distance to the nearest petrol station – and here is a result: the engine has stopped, and you don’t know where to run. It is enough to take a jerry can with you on a long-distance trip. It may be small, about 10 liters. This reserve is probably enough to get you to the nearest gas station.


When putting together your essentials kit, the driver should be guided not only by the time of year but also by the conditions in which he or she traditionally drives. In a kit for city driving, perhaps, it is not necessary to include items that may be useful most likely on trips over long distances. By the way, in an effort to provide everything “just in case” should not overdo it, it is better to refrain from cluttering the trunk, and try to put there only the most necessary items.

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