Breaking Down the Gambling Scene in India: 4 Most Popular Betting Games and Sports

Gambling is an activity that has been around for centuries, and India is no exception. From ancient times, wagering on various games or sports has existed in India, and today it’s still going strong.

The legality of gambling varies depending on which state you’re asking about—specifically with regard to internet-based sports betting or any form of online casino gaming. With that being said, there are still a lot of people who partake in gambling activities across India—especially when it comes to events such as cricket, horse races, and other games available at Ekbet Sport & Casino.

Let’s dive into some of the most popular betting games played throughout India today:



Rummy is one of the oldest card games in existence; it originated in ancient China during 200 BC. Today, rummy continues to be popular among Indian players due to its simplicity—it’s not hard to learn how to play this game! It involves arranging your cards into proper sets/sequences before your opponent does so with their own set/sequence; whoever arranges theirs first wins! As long as both parties agree on a “deem” beforehand (e.g., 20 points), then stakes can easily be placed upon each hand dealt during any given game.

Horse Racing & Greyhound Racing


The horse racing industry continues to be very popular among Indian gamblers today—and understandably so! After all, nothing beats feeling the excitement while watching your chosen horse cross the finish line first; especially if you had something riding on this result!

Traditionally speaking, viewers would go down to their local race track or stadium but now many people choose to place bets online instead. Since greyhound racing isn’t too common in India (though its popularity is growing!), many bettors opt for overseas sites instead where they can still enjoy similar sporting events such as dog races or even camel racing!

Teen Patti


Another favorite amongst Indians is Teen Patti – also known as Three Card Brag – which consists of three cards being dealt out face down after placing chips according to ante rules prior to game start-up (usually with bonus chip rounds). Players will then have multiple rounds where they must either match/fold/raise depending on what cards are shown from each person involved during any given round; there can be up to eight participants per game maximum! The object behind Teen Patti is simple yet effective if carried out properly—guess what combination you’re dealt correctly before anyone else does!

Cricket Matches


Cricket matches remain among some of the most wagered events within Indian culture today; whether it be international or domestic cricket being wagered upon by fans across multiple states or regions within one nation itself—the thrill remains exciting every time!

People typically use websites or other legal platforms available specifically only within certain areas to place these wagers either pre-game (futures) or live whilst watching any particular match (in-play)! Although illegal bookmaking may exist throughout some parts of India these days with cricket matches too, we urge players always remain extra vigilant whenever engaging with these forms of gambling activities as chances are much higher they could get scammed without sufficient protection against third-party withdrawal transactions etcetera…


To conclude, the gambling scene in India is thriving with diverse opportunities available to individuals who want to try their luck at a variety of betting games and sports. From the classic card game of Rummy to horse racing, Teen Patti, and cricket matches, there’s something for everyone! With that being said, it is important to make sure you know the local regulations before placing any bets as well as researching reputable online sites where you can trust your safety and security when playing online.

Srdjan Ilic
Srdjan Ilic

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