11 Things That Most Modern Drivers Fear – 2024 Guide

Whether you are a commercial or just an ordinary driver, you can never be too sure of what will happen next time you hit the road. Driving is an experience that gets easier with time, but we are always urged not to get complacent behind the wheel.

Many modern drivers have their fears which range from mild inhibitions to severe reservations. Some people only fear certain situations encountered during driving, while others generally fear being on the wheel. When you are anxious or uncomfortable while driving, you are likely to experience symptoms such as sweaty palms, disorientation, shortness of breath and dizziness. The truth is, driving is dynamic, and once in a while, you will be required to adjust your driving skills.

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Fear of driving, also known as amaxophobia comes as a result of imagining something bad will happen, and as a result, some avoid driving entirely. Some drivers dislike driving at night, through a tunnel or even changing lanes. The good news is, there is a solution to every possible fear any driver might experience. First, you must gain familiarity with your vehicle by driving more often. This ensures that you are comfortable driving and hence can manage all the other fears that may arise during driving. Below is a list of common fears among drivers.

1. Fear of accidents

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This arises when one is driving in an accident-prone area. The mind is naturally apprehensive to any possible danger that may arise when you are driving. It happens to people who have dystychiphobia. This can also be as a result of past experiences where the driver might have been involved in a road accident and still harbors some trauma.

2. Fear of running out of gas

This happens especially when you are driving for long hours and aren’t sure whether there is a place around for a refill. It comes with the thought of running out of gas in a place where you know no one or the environment or where the road is deserted.

3. Fear of getting a flat tire

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Imagine having a flat tire when you don’t have a spare in your trunk or even worse, can’t access a mechanic. There is always that degree of fear that one experiences when driving, what’s the possibility of having a flat tire? Is the spare tire in working condition? What if I don’t get any help? This is most common with lady drivers, most of who can’t manage to fix their tires on their own.

4. Fear of being locked out

This is a nightmare many parents struggle with, the fear of locking yourself out of the car while your children are inside. And there is a good reason why this should concern us. Every year we hear the tragic news of young children passing away after being left alone in a car during the heat of a hot summer day but we must remember that even if you would accidentally lock your kids in the car, help will quickly arrive. Thanks to local Locksmiths, help is not more than 10 or 20 minutes away. However, most accidents related to children being locked in cars happen when they get into the car on their own initiative, to play or to search for something. In these situations, the child can be in the car for quite some time before anyone finds him. Children at a very young age pay attention to where parents keep the keys and it’s important to keep them out of reach. Don’t leave car keys on the hallway table or in our handbag if you have small children.

5. Fear of running into cops

Some people generally fear any interaction with authority even when they are not in the wrong. When certain drivers are uncertain whether your car is in the best condition or whether they have broken any traffic rules, you definitely don’t want to come across any authority.

6. Fear of driving

Yes, some drivers generally experience emotional distress when it comes to driving. The thoughts of being the one who is in control of the machine cause distress. This fear is referred to as Vehophobis. To overcome it, it is important that you drive more often to get the familiarity and confidence required.

7. Fear of being trapped inside

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This is brought by the imagination of experiencing a panic attack and getting trapped inside the car. As a result, such drivers will only drive in less threatening areas. This kind of fear is associated with agoraphobia. Most drivers experience it in bridges, tunnels and deserted roads.

8. Fear of driving in bad weather

Some people are uncomfortable driving when it’s raining, snowing or during winter. During bad weather, vision clarity is low, and some fear stumbling into things or getting into accidents. It is also difficult driving when it’s raining, and many drivers will opt not to drive in such weather due to the fear of the unknown.

9. Fear of performance

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Most people experience this when they have passengers on board. They feel that the safety of the passengers is entirely on them, and this makes them experience anxiety. It also happens when they are unsure of their driving skills. This is most common with people who have social anxiety.

10. Fear of getting lost

This kind of fear is common when one is driving in an unfamiliar place, especially cities. Many cities are congested and have complex roads. Once lost, it could take a long while to get back your bearing. The thought of getting stuck somewhere not knowing your whereabouts also gives some drivers anxiety.

11. Fear of Driving in Heavy Traffic

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It’s very easy to collide with another vehicle when driving in heavy traffic, especially when you are not used to driving or when you don’t trust your driving skills. People with this kind of fear will always prefer driving on roads that are not very busy.

The important thing to note is that any driver has their own reservations—no need to beat yourself up because of any driving fears. Once you know what triggers such fear, it becomes easy to deal with it.