10 Things you Need to Know about Penile Implants – 2024 Guide

It’s in most people’s nature to hide some problems and to be shy about them, and there are only a few things that can make any man uncomfortable as the issue with their sexual health. Erectile dysfunction is a lot more common than most people actually think it is, and even though that is the case, and yet, man doesn’t want to acknowledge this. There is no need for that since modern times, and modern medicine offers various treatments for ED (erectile dysfunction). Undoubtedly, one of the most successful treatment is not about taking some pills, as it is one and only real cure – a penile implant. Many professionals, besides penis and testicular enlargement, offer treatments for taking care of ED.

As it is with any medical procedure, there are a lot of things to consider and know about before one chooses to go with it, and the same is with penile implants. That is why in this text, we did the job for you, and sum up the top ten things you need to know about penile implants. For more info on all the possible penis or testicular procedures, what to expect, prices, and more, check Dr. Elist, and you will find everything you want to know.

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  1. Is it painful?

The procedure itself is not painful, and only after the penile implant surgery, one can expect some moderate or mild soreness that will last for only a couple of days. That is just one more benefit of it, as the recovery time is in a week or two, and that soreness is quite natural since it is such a sensitive area. And to avoid any possible complications, relieve pain, and lessen the recovery time – specialists take many actions like draining any built-up fluid, using comprehensive surgical dressings, pain medication (for those who have a low tolerance for pain), etc. Although estimated recovery time can is two weeks, it all depends on case to case (individual to individual), and those who had a penile implant, consulting with a doctor about when to resume sexual activity, is a must.

  1. What are the restrictions

As it is with almost every surgery, there are some restrictions and things to avoid doing for some time. After the procedure, although most of the patients are released from the hospital the next day, they should rest more. Heavy lifting is a big no-no, and you should not lift anything over 15 lbs (6 kg). We all have hobbies and interests, but every activity should be on a minimum for a couple of weeks for everything to fully heal, and then, you can return to running, bike riding, and of course – making love.

  1. Is it a long time solution?

A question of great importance, as not many men are willing to go through this type of surgery if when the problem occurs, but a good thing to know is that after this surgery, there will be no need to worry for quite some time. To be precise, the implants last for about 15 to 20 years. To answer the question of why it isn’t a once and forever solution, that is because the implant is still a mechanical device, and even though it is not common, the device can break. But even if that happens, it can be fixed by a surgical procedure that will last very short.

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  1. Is it going to be easily detected?

To answer this question shortly – no. Being fully concealed in the body, no one will know about the penile implant unless you decide to tell them about it.

  1. Does it actually work?

No one wants uncomfortable situations while lovemaking, and with a penile implant, one thing is guaranteed, and that is that you will have an erection whenever you want it to happen, and not just that. By many studies, the rate of satisfaction for men with an implant (and their partners) is above 90%, and almost everyone who had this procedure claim that they will be more than happy to recommend it. A good thing about this procedure is also that it doesn’t last for long, only about one hour.

  1. Does it have any impact on the size of the penis?

Something most men think about, but the purpose of penile implant is not to add or subtract the penis length. Even though most implants expand to achieve the maximum size of the patient’s erection, they will not affect the actual size. For that, there are different procedures, which can be simply and efficiently done.

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  1. How safe is it?

Having a procedure or not is a difficult choice to make, but one that person with ED must decide on, and the good thing is that although it has some risks, it is actually very safe. One of the main concerns is regarding the possible infections, and with a rate of less than 1% of this happening, you can say that the risk is pretty small. Of course, surgeon experience is very significant, as well as going to the doctor you trust.

  1. Does it affect the felling?

There is no need to worry, it is still your penis, and only the erectile tissue that stopped functioning is replaced. Everything else like, the performance, overall feeling, and achieving climax, is still possible and the same, with one adjustment for the better – everything can and will last longer.

  1. What are the options?

The best solution is to talk with specialists and pick the best out of two possible options for a penile implant. You can go with the malleable or inflatable implants, but whichever you decide to go on with, great satisfaction is granted, as most of the men are more than happy with their implants.

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  1. What to do before the procedure

Before someone decides to have this surgery, a physical exam is a must, which will also be the advice from your doctor, along with the complete urologic exam. It is all because both your doctor and you want to be sure of the nature and presence of erectile dysfunction, the best way to treat it, and the best penile implant option.

Tired of pills that sometimes don’t even work? Then there is no need for trying some new one or searching for a medical miracle – the penile implant is the one and best option for you. Consulting with the doctor, picking the best option, undergoing surgery, resting, and relaxing for a couple of weeks is all that a person with ED has to do to enjoy life at its fullest again.

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