8 Common Misconceptions about Junk Cars – 2024 Guide

Cars are the main means of transportation and have long been a necessity, not a luxury. It is very common for everyone in a family to have their own car. Like everything else, vehicles are consumer goods that must be invested in, but despite that, it has a lifespan. However, even old vehicles that are no longer in running condition, cars that were smashed in traffic accidents, old wrecks that have been standing in the rust in front of the house for years, have their buyer and price. Besides, it is good to know that an old car will bring you some money that you will use to buy another one.

And while some have unrealistic expectations when it comes to earnings, others are convinced that they can’t get a cent for their four-wheeler. As we have already said, each product has its customer, but also the price. Although everyone wants to earn as much as possible, it is important to be realistic and to understand that a potential buyer should also earn later on that. You should not expect a miracle that will significantly improve your home budget and solve big life issues, but a few hundred will come in handy.

To make your decision easier and help you get an idea of what to do with a junk car, we will list some of the most common misconceptions about these.

1. Junk car has no value

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Many people think damaged and broken cars are worthless, but they are wrong. There is an old saying that says that every product has a customer and it is so. Even vehicles that are destroyed can be sold for car waste and end up being pressed. The amount of money you get depends on the weight of the car because it is paid per kilo. And quite unexpectedly, earnings are coming!

2. Mechanics do not want it

Even when you think there isn’t a single part that can be exploited, be sure you’re wrong. Mechanics will always “dig up” spare parts they may need for a subsequent repair. In this case, you are both winners, you will get the money and the mechanic will have spare parts for his next customer’s car.

3. The wreck does not harm the environment

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Many are under the illusion that only vehicles that work harm the environment, emitting gases, which is not true. Even if they are only parked in one place, cars release toxic substances such as oil and antifreeze. If your car is parked on the grass or soil, liquids will easily get into the ground, which can also harm flora and fauna. In situations like this, the best solution is to call a company to tow the vehicle.

This has many benefits, because you will get rid of the waste from the yard, and at the same time you will earn without even moving a finger. Junk car companies like usjunkcar.com come to your address and take away old vehicles. Before disposing of your vehicle, it is obligatory to cancel the insurance and take the plates off. Also, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) has to match the one on the title.

Another good reason why it is best to call the company is that they provide free transportation, so you do not have to think about how to transport the vehicle to them.

4. I do not have keys and a title

Even if you do not have it, it is still possible to get some money. How? If you have a document that confirms you are the owner, it is registered on your name, and the car is older than 10 years- do not worry! It’s good when you have the key, but for most cars, it’s not a problem because they’ll sell it for parts or scrap.

5. My car is still worth a lot!

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Just as some people are under the illusion that their car is no longer worthwhile, others still overstate its value considering how much that car was paid for, as well as a small mileage is shown on instrument cluster before crashing into a car accident. You should be aware that in this case the car manufacturer, as well as the year of production, plays absolutely no role. The only important thing is the weight – the heavier the car is, the more money you will get.

6. No one will buy a rusty car

Whether it is rusty or not, it can still be sold. What is important to emphasize is that junk car companies do not look at how well the vehicle is preserved, but, as we have already mentioned, it is important how heavy it is.

7. I will earn more if I sell in parts

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This may be true, but only if you know a lot about cars and spare parts. If you can remove all the useful parts from the car and clean them and prepare them for sale, this could be a good idea. However, take into account that you may need a little more time until the right customer appears and you sell everything.

8. If I fix the car a little, I’ll get more money

This is true, but if you sell it to another person or a car dealer. If the car is in running order, some things could raise the price a bit. Seat cleaning, removal of private items, carwash, and ashtray cleaning are just some of the things that do not cost much and fix the first impression.

In any case, we believe that selling an old vehicle in any way will be of more use to you than keeping it in the yard and waiting for the price to rise. The price will certainly not rise, at least not significantly, and your yard will not look very nice with an old wreck that has long since rusted from standing. So, grab your chance, clean your yard, and save your surroundings while making money along the way!