How to Tell if Your Computer is Mining Bitcoins – 2024 Guide

The modern era and new technologies have brought many advantages to our lives. Some say that modern technologies have made our lives easier, with their full speed and efficiency. We do have a variety of new gadgets, such as smartphones, smartwatches, and brand new laptops (which have become more portable than ever before), as well as the ability to perform things like transferring money via the aforementioned gadgets. Nonetheless, the modern period has given birth to a new form of currency:

cryptocurrencies, of which bitcoin is the most well-known and widely used. Mining bitcoins has been extremely profitable for many people in recent years. If you are wondering what’s going on when your computer is on standby and if it is mining on its own just keep reading – we have answers to your questions.

What is bitcoin mining?

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So-called cryptocurrency miners are supposed to do complex tasks (usually mathematical ones) so that they can earn a coin for the task they’ve done. To mine bitcoin, you’ll need a high-end & high-quality computer with a powerful CPU, at least 16 GB of RAM, and enough hard drive space (at least 2TB). If you are someone who is not mining, but you still get high electricity bills, you might be a victim of crypto-hijackers. This is a common name used for people who secretly use your computer and mine bitcoin without your knowledge or permission. Here’s how you can tell!

Top 4 signs to know if your computer is mining bitcoins

1. Slower performance than usual

You have noticed that your computer and its performance are becoming slower, even though you haven’t installed any new programs or high storage games. Besides that, it takes more than usual to start the system, and it doesn’t even run all programs at the beginning. If this happens, your computer may be mining bitcoins, but you can easily check if this is happening. If you are using Windows, then go to the taskbar and click on the Task Manager. After that, open the Performance tab. On the other hand, if you are using macOS, open Activity Monitor. Once you open the aforementioned taskbars, check if the performance is higher than usual. If it is, you can stop all running programs.

2. Bill for electricity is increased

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As regular mining takes a lot of effort and strength, time & power, cryptocurrency mining is taking a lot of energy too. But here, we talk about electric energy. It takes way more electricity than just sitting and playing games (or doing any regular computer thing), and if you notice that your electricity bill is higher than usual, you might have just found the reason for it. Crypto-hijackers are lurking for anyone who might give away their electricity (willingly or not willingly, consciously or unconsciously), and you should be aware of it. Good electricity power plays a very important role for miners, and the better electricity they have, the better profit they gain. Keep an eye on this and never neglect these signs! On the other hand, if you are a BTC lover & miner, you should find a way to adapt to your new bills quickly, since they won’t get cheaper.

3. Your computer is overheating a lot more than before

Yes, it may be hot outside, hotter than before, and your computer is overheating on its own. However, you need to think about the possibility and aftermath of mining. Don’t let your computer overheat, because it can just crash in the middle of you doing an important task and it can delete all the data. Nonetheless, if you notice that it is overheating, never ignore it! Even if it could be due to a large number of apps operating simultaneously, there is another factor to consider: your computer is mining bitcoins! Overheating CPU can lead to permanent damage, and that’s why you need to take this sign seriously the moment you notice it! The computer temperature should not exceed 80°C (you can check the temperature in your computer settings anytime), and if it does, you should immediately start cooling your device.

4. Visiting distrustful sites

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Nowadays, there is no website or page that you can visit without having at least one ad popping out every few minutes. Well, don’t be fooled! These ads are not there just to bother you, they have another purpose! Miners are waiting and lurking for their potential users to click on them. When you click on it, they now have a chance to do another complex mathematical task, i.e. mining process, and there is no turning back. Even when you click on the “x” sign, there might be a chance that your computer is just starting the mining process. Don’t think that this only includes sites for adults – these ads can pop anywhere, and at any time. You can watch a cartoon with your younger siblings online, an ad pops out, you click on it, and bam – here we go again, miners have just started another task. You can always secure yourself with some kind of ad blocker that deals with these ads. If you do, find a legitimate one! You don’t want other people to earn money from you, especially without your knowledge!

Who to trust?

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