Let a Tantric Healer Boost Your Energy and Improve Your Wellbeing – 2024 Guide

“Energy” may not be the first word to come to mind when you think about a Tantric Healer, but these incredible practitioners have a powerful lesson to teach you.

For many people, bringing our sexual proclivities past our genitals, and into a plain of high-consciousness not only sounds ridiculous but can also feel impossible to achieve. However, in our modern society, walls have been built around our sexualities- effectively separating them from our true selves. This separation can result in traumas and dysfunction. Causing a rift between what we see to be true and what we know to be true, which in turn creates an imbalance that is uncomfortable and can be extremely destructive.

NY Body Love is one of the premium Sensual Spas. NYC built and began, their practitioners take you through a metamorphic journey, helping you to better understand the connections of energies and hopefully transcend superficial relationships, by using the power of tantric massage. This reunion of sexuality and spirituality can stimulate more nurturing and understanding relationships within your everyday life, allowing for better communication, greater understanding, and more fulfilling sexual relationships. Tantric massage is for all genders, particularly for people who feel that they struggle to adequately express their desires, or find difficulty in finding and maintaining satisfying relationships.

Oftentimes the troubles we have in our intimate relationships are manifestations of deeper, energetic wounds. These wounds are difficult to quantify, particularly with standard mental health practices- as these often only deal with mind and body energies, leaving sexual-spiritual energies locked away and stunted. In these instances, tantric healing can help.

What Is Tantric Healing?

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Tantric healing isn’t about sex. At least, not the sex we tend to think of in a Westernized, conventional culture. Surely it involves the genitals, it can absolutely result in orgasm, and can even occasionally come to regard the emotional aspects of physical copulation- but in a word, tantric healing is not sex. In fact, as a modern concept, tantric healing is instead a practice that can reduce trauma, stress, and encourage a genital-spiritual balancing. One that has been ultimately removed from our modern societies.

Understanding that energies- both those held within ourselves and those without, exuded by others and our environments- play a puppet master role in how we live our daily lives. Especially if we pay little to no attention to their existence. While many ancient societies understood the connections between the mind, body, and spirit, current sociological perspectives seem to more often perceive this trifecta simply as a duo. Prioritizing the nurturing of our bodies and minds, well above that of our spirits.

This type of healing requires the knowledge of all the energy channel located inside the human body, primarily the chakras as the main energy vortexes through which the vital life energy flows (kundalini, or KI). Each chakra is connected to a certain function inside of us, and the body is in a state of balance when the flow of energy goes without obstacles. However, for many reasons and causes in our subconscious mind, this energy flows only in the first three chakras in most people. To lead a balanced life means to have a flawless energy flow through all our energy centers.

A human body is also a bundle of meridians. They are in charge of supplying are vital organs with energy. Certain emotions we feel tend to block this supply, resulting in a medical state, or in this case not being able to express sexual arousal or any feeling connected to sexuality. A healer is aware of the meridian location and can re-activate the flow with massaging acupressure points. This is why people tend to experience orgasm, as a huge release happening when the supply is finally re-established.

Tantric healing aims to heal this societal fragmentation of energies by reuniting our spirits, and our sexualities, with our bodies and minds. This powerful reunion of the energies can result in overwhelming emotion and intensive release. Oftentimes, tantric healing practitioners will help their clients begin the journey to spiritual awakening through guided breathing techniques, tantric massage, and other types of hands-on bodywork that help to better align chakras and soothe previous sexual traumas.

What to Expect From a Sensual Spa: NYC and Beyond

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A sensual spa, whether found in NYC or elsewhere, is often the zenith of the tantric healing experience. Offering multiple types of tantric therapies, help to ignite both the physical and metaphysical aspects of in-built emotional constipation. Practitioners agree that many of our past experiences and traumas are stored within our physical bodies, creating tension and illness. These storages begin to block the free-flowing energies within ourselves, which can be seen as affectations in personality, mobility, and even certain dysfunctions. When these energies are confined to our genitals, our genuine sensuality is also confined- resulting in things like impotence of an obstructed libido, or emotions of shame.

It’s a rather unique experience where the body is being massaged with a special set of relaxing techniques, concentrated on the meridian points of the genital region. A healer is therefore guiding the sexual energy slowly, in order to remove the blockages, resulting in a deep body and mind relaxation. What people tend to experience when the release is happening in the powerful orgasmic wave overflowing the body, but very different from the orgasm one is used to experience.

Tantric massage can help to release these energies, better igniting more regular sensual patterns. Clearing an energetic pathway and reducing the discomfort, shame, or emotional turmoil that can result. Where someone skilled in tantric massage can better help to connect these energies to the rest of our beings, which can then help them to integrate into our daily lives, eventually reducing the need for healing practices. Sensual Spas in NYC and other places may be able to offer direct genital massages into your healing regime. These massages can better guide you and unlock your pent up energies- which can not only help you sexually but also emotionally. Slowly dissolving blockages that create fear, hesitation, and embarrassment. Letting you get underway with your sexual-spiritual journey.