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Thanks to all the students and staff who assisted in the Raffles University Iskandar exhibition at EcoWorld!

#StudyAtRaffles #exhibition #team
Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for the inactivity for the last four days. Unfortunately my account was hacked. If you have received any messages, been blocked or ignored from my DM's, I apologise. I promised to bring you the best surf content every day and have unfortunately let you down. I'd like to let everyone know that this account is NOT for sale and will never leave my control without my consent again. Anybody who is considering hacking my account, use this as an example that you won't win. Warning to everyone who has considered using @socialxplor that not only do they have no idea what they're doing but they've never obtained a large following without cheating, scamming and hacking their way to success. Apologies again to all my followers I have let down and promise you that it won't happen again ❤️
Последний этап этого длинного сезона прошёл отлично ! Теперь официально началось межсезонье нашего дрифта! А фото с пилотами моей команды ! Шура закипел Дима на позитиве все отлично !!! Спасибо всем за это , за то что мы одна большая семья !!! #третьяков #алматы #дрифткомбинат #дрифт #алматыарена #goriladriftenergy #drifting #team

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