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This isnt a scam & Im trying to help my #friends Virginie Pauc and Eric Ossadon who are from West #London but who relocated to Spain near Javia/Denia to raise some funds for a local #Children's #orphanage that they have been helping at. The kids can't be #adopted due to #parent being in #prison , #rehab or simply their parents can't afford to feed them. The #school is funded by the #Spanish govt but what's left over is minimal 200 euro a month to 'treat' 54 kids-thats 1euro a week ! It's really struck a chord with me seeing their lovely little faces and I thought I would try to help raise some funds. I have been asking my friends, Mums, Dads if they can donate anything they can afford as it all adds up. It's so easy to #donate via this link..
Thankyou so so much 💕🙏🏼
I am honored to be asked to share with my friend Author. Speaker. Coach @msselizabethcorreia on a FB LIVE tomorrow 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿 👉🏿 (Thursday 10.19.17) at 12:30p ET
It’s the second part of a three-part series entitled “Co-Parenting with Love”
If you or someone you know is faced with the many challenges of coparenting you do not want to miss this live talk.
We will be taking questions and giving practical solutions on how to go from surviving to thriving as a coparent!
#TagAFriend #ShareTheLove WeAllNeedSomeHelp
Her mind is young, her heart is wild and her soul is free. As a parent I am not here to tame it, not to capture it but water the freedom and the passion within and let it grow and thrive and I am forever grateful to have been given that opportunity and to share this journey with @hardenberg_tattoos 💙🌿🐚
Dried Cranberries! 170g for $2.29! So many yummy uses! 😋
As a #parent - this is how I feel all the time. Even when I’m awake and my eyes are open, this is how I feel on the inside #parenting #tired #overtired #exhausted
Glow baby! #29weekspregnant... well the uv light in our hostel room tonight is one way to achieve the pregnancy glow. Tonight is night one of two nights away, with the little man at nanas for the next 2 nights Mr W and I are getting some long overdue couple time and a bit of a #parenting break. Tonight we ate a meal minus a hungry toddler fast approaching bedtime... so peaceful!
#bumpwatch #parent #babynumbertwo #pregnancy #pregnant
This is the face of sleepless nights, attempted mouse catching, mild earache and all the running about and shit you do as a parent. Today I'm officially exhausted. I could sleep for a week but my mind won't stop. So much to do, to sort, to organise. There's never enough hours in the day, but a sleepless bedtime never comes soon enough.
I have a sty on my eyelid, bags as big as the huge sport direct bags for life, and a list of things to do as long as arm.
Parenting never stops. Sometimes, I'd like a quiet easy life but I think that would be boring.
So yes, I do look bloody tired, and I might not be as smiley as I normally am, but I'm trying!!! #sendsleep #tired #mumlife #parent #bigbags #soreeye
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