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User Image puzzlium Posted: Nov 25, 2017 2:55 AM (UTC)
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The Giraffe by Mel Stover. Take five matchsticks and form the figure of a giraffe as is shown in the diagram. Now move just one matchstick so that the shape of the giraffe is remained intact but is rotated or reflected.
User Image fffutureboy Posted: Nov 25, 2017 2:55 AM (UTC)
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Happy for see the progress in the kids of the sandboarding school where my bro @sandboardabraham put too much love and time this year, good work bro! Real happy for share a few sessions with them, the future 🏂💛🐉💪🏾 #sandboarding #school #kids #progress #sand #learning #trainning #freeride #firsttime #future #seeds #iquique #city #sunset
User Image asterstarry Posted: Nov 25, 2017 2:54 AM (UTC)
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"Neither this is it nor I am there. Learning is never-ending. This little token came to remind me I am on the right track and for me to reach the sky's when I continue to stretch further. ∼ Thank you the effort from leadership and support from my local offices. These accolades belongs to all of us. ∼" Ps: it would be better to transform these appreciation into my salary and bonus 😉

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.... I’m VERY observant. Hike location tagged in case you wanna see the tiny turkles!!! 👀 #definitelytinyseaturtles #wildlifespotter #greateyes #santayneztrail #preshingleshangles
A Saturday off today so I thought I’d go and visit my buddies at @buddhafitstudio for a weights and cardio HIIT session 😅
It is important to change your training up from time to time for numerous reasons:
🔸to prevent boredom/maintain enjoyment
🔸to get out of a plateau
🔸to de-load from heavy weight periods (my main method of training at the moment)
🔸to train with your mates or other people
🔸to learn
🔸mental adaptation

Thanks to @rachellelynchhassan and @salhassanfitness for smashing us today! 👍💪
#buddhafit #themindsethunt #change #enjoyment #balance #hiit #dayoff #gassed #adelaidept #igers #adelaide #fitness #health #learning #socialising #teameffort #coffeeafter #mates #goodpeople #preventingplateaus #development #trusttheprocess #sweating
There once a simpler time in our lives. A time not so long ago where we roamed free in our diapers with no care in the world. We followed our hearts and did what we felt was right despite what others told us. We trusted our feelings more than the logic even though it led us to hot stoves, burnt hands, and scraped knees.

In those days were explorers, scientists, and philosophers of reality. Always pushing further no matter how many times we fell so we could learn to take steps and run discover our passions, our purpose, and our place in life.
We were fearless but something along the way made us feel different. We began to question ourselves instead of the world around us. We began to listen to others instead of our hearts and followed paths that weren’t our own feeling lost, confused and unsure of why we took those first step, to begin with. “Why am I here???!!!” We call out at night. “What is my purpose?” We say in tears. We begin to feel scared not being able to recognize the very same face we grow up with making us question who we are and what we had become.
So now we are left with a choice; Do we stay on the same path if it continues to make us feel this way? Or do we reconnect with the child inside of us once more?
Remember in life, no matter where we are or what we have done we are always one choice away from a new life. We have no obligations or commitments to the old one, and though it may have served us up to this point we don't owe it anything. Nothing in this life owns you especially those things that take away from who you are and your happiness.
You deserve to feel good, we all do, so make that choice, become that child once and learn to walk again because this not the end of you, oh no, you have only just begun.
User Image southmiamicc Posted: Nov 25, 2017 2:28 AM (UTC)
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Feel The Power Fridays!! with International Master Alejandro Moreno 💪🏽😎🔥🏋🏻🎉🕺🏻🔥🦃🍁🤓🤩 @almore_66
User Image tennessee_79 Posted: Nov 25, 2017 2:52 AM (UTC)
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Gonna make this a thing. Gotta change that life around and enjoy it a lot more. I love the feel of the gym life and the people that are involved and I want to be able to help those that helped me with my journey at the beginning. #issa, #ptintraining, #learning, #fitness, #fitnessjourney.
User Image wanderlustrouslife Posted: Nov 25, 2017 2:52 AM (UTC)
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I sometimes get these feelings that I can’t quite explain. They come on strong and are often very intense. I have found that doing something to shift my perspective, in a physical sense, can create space for me to shift my perspective on my emotions. Pranayama (breath practice) and yoga have both been great vehicles to guide me through this process - showing me that we have a choice in every moment as to which perspective we take.

Sometimes, though, all it takes for me to stir things up is simply crossing my eyes to see the world in a different light 💡 .
#perspective #shift #expand #consciousness #growth #emotions #learning #humble #thankful

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