Essential Tips on How to Build Math Minds While in College

Do you think you are bad at math? And every time you see a math lecture coming up, you frown? Math in school can be a little hectic. So much to learn in just a semester. But do you know it does not mean you are destined to fail math forever?

Let us tell you how you can improve your math skills. So much so, you will be shocked at how good you are later. And trust us, math skills are one of those skills you will hardly forget. To begin, you can get help at to show you various math problems with in-depth solutions.

Now let’s move on to the next tips.

Ready? Let’s start.

Get The Basics


Every subject you study in college has basic concepts. So does math. In math, these are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, spatial reasoning, percentages, and fractions and decimals. No one is just bad at math. They just don’t understand the basics.

And no matter how complicated the problems get, they are built upon basic concepts. So get your head around the basic concepts.

And probably you have been struggling with math since kindergarten. But you don’t have to struggle anymore. Take yourself back to the basics. Relearn them and make sure you are good to go with those.

Break It Down

You see how college math is complicated and involves long sums of numbers? What if we told you that it can get simpler? Just break it apart into small chunks and work on each.

For instance, you have a long problem with all the basics thrown in plus a few new concepts like logarithms. Just break it down into component problems and figure out each part alone. Then connect all to give a single answer.

Try Game-Based Learning


Probably, your issue isn’t math itself. Maybe it is just boring and the numbers swim in front of your eyes every time you look at a math problem. So how about you try a game-based solution? This is just math but in a game setting.

You may be asked to add simple sums to fill gaps in the puzzle or pictures with numbers that you need to connect into a sequence. There are many options for this kind of game. Likewise, apps like Prodigy Math will help a lot too. Plus it is not boring.

Have Fun With Math

Speaking of boring, no math does not have to be boring. You can have fun with it. In fact, do try and have fun. Do you know one way of doing that? Bring math into your daily life.

For example, while at the market, count the product you are buying and practice multiplication to see how much you will pay at the counter.

Or while cooking, explain to yourself how a gram of salt adds up to a kg of salt. Or calculate the discount you get from your coupon. Relate math to what you do every day and it will become a part of your day.

Practice Makes Perfect


Finally, as you learn each new concept, do not sit back and relax. Instead, schedule a couple of hours into your week to practice all the concepts from that week. Find additional problems to solve. Learn how to solve word problems, usually found at the end of each chapter.

In short, do not rest until you are sure you have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips.

Wrapping Up

Simple tips will lead to great results. So are you ready to excel in math? We hope that we have given you the tips you need to learn math and get amazing grades.

Stefan Djuric
Stefan Djuric

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