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We are back and open for business!

We hope everyone made it through the storm safe and sound.

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kiccaf 14m ago
sempre.... always💕🌸🌹🍨🎀🐷.... K
Yesterday the Supreme Court of Queensland admitted me to the legal profession. I couldn't be happier to finally call myself a Lawyer! ⚖️⚖️ #admission #law #lawyer
My friend recently shared a bitter experience with me. He went for one of the industry night outs and happened to meet this guy whom he thought shared similar business ideas with him He was well turned out, smart and energetic.

The icing on the cake was that this dude knew everyone in the room. He introduced him to all the big boys. Have you met the MD of North and South Bank, he asked? Let me introduce you to the Chairman of the Indonesian Stock Exchange.
As the night went by, my friend was convinced that he had found the right business partner. Little did he know that he only met a fraudster who eventually ran his business aground. He learnt a hard lesson and we both agreed that entrepreneurs should look before they leap.
It is important to investigate before choosing a business partner because your partner's actions cannot be separated from you or your business.
You must be sure you share a common vision with anyone you want to partner with.
Find someone you trust and know his or her antecedents, experience and professional skills. Carry out a background check.
Look for someone who will bring in new perspective and will be honest in advising you.
Document roles and responsibilities particularly financial reporting lines. Clearly state the decision making process and which decisions can be taken by a single partner and those that need to be voted upon. This allows for seamless business operations.
Get a well drafted and duly signed partnership agreement.
This agreement must clearly state out what each party is bringing on board. Do you have anything like this with your partner
Sizes: U.K. 8-14
Price: N6,800
Available on preorder
Preorder items are ordered on request
PREORDERS TAKE TWO WEEKS please as most items are coming from outside Nigeria and takes 14 working days to arrive
FULL PAYMENT Confirms each order please, we do NOT currently offer pay on delivery for preorder items
*THIS does not apply to items readily in stock for Next Day Delivery
ORDERS can be placed via DM or WhatsApp
Thank you

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