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So another race and another not top 10! xDDD Fml... I shouldnt be like a wet blanket, but idc? xD I started 13th and fell back to 14th because the guy that was in front of me whom I started calling the "iron wall" kept pushing me into the barriers. Like fuck mate!? Im right next to you and you turn on me for no reason just to smack me into the wall? And the track is already tight as fuck in most places. Wow! I get it, we race for positions, but intentionaly pushing someone into the wall? No wonder I got passed by my friend, and even he couldnt do shit cause it was the same. In the end we did some team work+magic+move thing? and pushed/slowed him down so atleast my friend got pass him. xD Sigh atleast I can eat away the pain and frustration in the nearest KFC. xD Sorry for sounding incomprehensible, but I m just too frustrated to think. #karting #kart #race #dirty #kfc #iwanttonap
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