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We all have different meanings of success.
For some people, success is long vacations and a huge house.
Some people think of a great family and loving relationships as success.
To some, fame is success.
You may be someone with no money but a good heart and a roof above and you could think of yourself as successful.
You could also be the richest man and think of yourself as unsuccessful.
Because we all have different notions of success. The man with lots of money might actually want good relationships and so he thinks he isn't successful enough.
Also, a man with no fame might think of popularity as success and be unhappy.
So we might think we're all living great lives but may be that's not the case.
So be kind because someone who looks successful to you might actually be still craving that happiness which comes with success.
So always be encouraging and someone who has a smile to offer.
Remember we all are striving for something and doesn't it make us all one.
The rich, poor, thin, fat, educated, uneducated... We all are trying to find the success we dream of so instead of so many dissimilarities, let's focus on this one similarly.
We're all successful people still craving for success.
The day you understand this, you'll understand life.
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@alivethroughmemoriesalex gets deep in this clip from Part 4 of the documentary we made! For all of the artists out there, what does music and being an artist mean to you? .
Good association... Could be people you hang with or give your attention to, or what uplifting thoughts words and feelings are present. For me just seeing this photograph lifted me and reminded me of an amazing trip. I got to hang with the blue sky and sea, but also some truly beautiful people. "Good association is a key element for spiritual development." So keep your own counsel if need be and hang with those who seek to uplift others and if you cannot hang with them often, read books about these people or by these people. Make your mission to seek them out and they will appear.
Let's have good association tonight at 6.30pm. Camyoga Shelford. #santamonicabeach #jivamukti #satsang #goodassociation #camyoga
✔Еще одна маленькая брошь с мятным суккулентом на камне
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А в следующем посте будут новые брошки и еще интересные факты 😊

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I love all the Autumn crafts that are appearing in our #craftingismytherapy_october gallery. These pretty painted pumpkins were added by Jen from @crafticland. They make a great alternative to carving...think I might give them a go with my daughter in the half term holiday ♡
Smoked out pinks 😍
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@anastasiabeverlyhills “Modern Renaissance” palette // @meltcosmetics “Dark Matter” eyeshadow // @stilacosmetics “Kitten Karma” magnificent metals // @maybelline “Blackest Black” hypersharp liner // @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty “Farrah” Lashes .

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