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I can't stress this enough to my clients and business owners I meet along the way wondering how to grow online. We have left the B2B and B2C business model. We are in a P2P marketplace. Person to person.
Yes, you must answer the "boring questions" like what you are offering and the basic information. I say "boring" in quotes because this is what everyone offers.
I can help with you grow your business online. So can 500 other companies. So why would you work with me? .. One reason. I Care. I care, I provide value, trust me, you like me. You know that because I care, I will make sure you succeed.
How do you show people you care and get them wanting to work with you? By being you!!!!! Being authentically you no matter what your business is, is a sure fire way to grow. You attract the people who like you and who you like, making business fun! :) #fistbumpandhigh5
The geese of Stoepel Park #2 Amazing #thedifference 2 years ago I wandered through an 18 inch high #thistle forest scaring up the pheasants. Now #geese roam freely on a tidy lawn. WC Stoepel #detroit #realestate and #businessman loved #walking and #flowers #detroitparks #detroithistory
This photo may have many different meanings but to me it expresses pure Joy and happiness! Hi everyone, ITS OFFICIAL!! I wanted to share our newly rebranded company name with you. We are no longer Freedom Consulting, we are proud to announce JARRYDOSBORNE.COM is officially live!! Please make sure you sign up to join our social media club at! My team looks forward to serving you and building strong relationships with each and everyone of my followers.
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Happy Monday! We hope you’re attacking today and the rest of this week with #gritandgrace!
Happy #motivatedmonday "do I believe you? Can I trust you?" #preview of content going on the website this weekend! We have everything you need 🙌😘 together We.Win
❗️Estamos de fiesta ❗️ Queremos felicitar a uno de nuestros #CEO @bryanrl06 que hoy cumple 11 años de experiencia en el negocio automotriz
#repost @bryanrl06:
Un día como hoy del año 2006 inicié este trayecto de la venta de vehículos, han sido 11años de un camino lleno de tropiezos y obstáculos de los cuales he aprendido, pero también he tenido muy buenas experiencias, sigo con mi visión fija en el éxito para no imaginarlo, sino vivirlo!! Gracias a DIOS por haber permitido hace 2 años poder iniciar @proautostudio junto a mi compa @jonas_morla y estar en el pensamiento de los clientes al momento de adquirir su vehículo, seguiremos enfocados en el buen servicio, responsabilidad y la calidad de los vehículos que nos precede. 👌🏼🚘 #ThanksGod 🙏🏼 #11años #experiencia #since2006 #Emprendedor #Optimismo #Superacion #Metas #motivacion #Negocios #businessman #inspiracion #inspiration #proautostudio #noloimaginesconducelo #noloimaginesviveloo
It doesn’t matter what is true only what you believe is true because with work that will become true 😳

Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs become your reality. The universal theory of everything and the master algorithm of evolution is: Beliefs>Actions>Results>Feedback ✨

You MUST intercept your own algorithm at the beliefs stage, take massive action with your new beliefs, experience your results, listen to feedback and then iterate your beliefs and actions again and again each time to perfect the process 👁
As humans, we are constantly in conflict between the person we are right now and the person we want to become. 👑

The two selves are often at war with each other and create a waveform like pattern of highs and lows. 📈📉

Take note of the highs and the lows and low for markers to warn you of the turns so that you can catch yourself and correct them. ✅
Mais um evento organizado com muito carinho prós Minibloguersfashionista mais lindos da cidade 🤗. 🍄Picnic MiniBloguers🍄
E ontem tivemos a realização do nosso Evento Picnic Minibloguers, em comemoração ao Dia das Crianças! ☺
E foi um Sucesso!
Gostaríamos de agradecer a cada Parceiro que colaborou para que nosso Picnic ficasse super lindo, e com muitos produtos de qualidade para nossos MiniBloguers! 🎁
Sentimos muito carinho e cuidado, em cada Docinho , Lembrancinhas e Mimos que nos foram enviados!
Marcas e Produtos que prezam pela qualidade e bem estar dos clientes, levando muita satisfação e conforto a todos! 🎈
Ficamos muito felizes que tenham confiado em nosso trabalho, e esperamos de coração que tenham gostado de tudo que foi preparado por nós com muito amor a todos vocês e aos nossos Mini Blogueirinhos! 😍
Que possamos levar nossas Parcerias a diante, com a certeza de ser um Sucesso, e ter suas Marcas e Produtos Divulgadas para serem reconhecidas cada vez mais! ✅
Deixamos mais uma vez o nosso MUITO OBRIGADA , e que venham os próximos! 🎊🎉

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