5 Proven Study Tips & Strategies for College Students

For students, sometimes learning seems like an impossible mission. Schoolwork suddenly seems like the hardest part. However, there is a way to overcome your fears and learn to study more effectively. We will help you establish easier learning, how to encourage better memory and invest in the whole process much less time than before.

Today, students are overloaded with a large amount of information. It is even more difficult to acquire knowledge when you have pressure from parents or teachers. That’s why it’s important to focus on organizing your responsibilities and time. Unfortunately, many students never acquire these skills. The key is exercise. To get started, learn some useful tips to help you study better.

1. Study short, but often

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One of the biggest mistakes is studying too long. Such learning is counterproductive for several reasons. The main reason is overload. Our brain has a limited capacity. This means that not all information will end up in long-term memory. Also many factors affect the input and output processes. For example, it is mood, physiological needs, illness or lack of concentration. However, even under ideal conditions it is impossible to maintain constancy. Experts recommend that you study at least 8 hours, but that you take breaks during that time.

Our concentration remains at its peak only half an hour after we start our research. After that, its quality slowly begins to decline. This does not mean that you will not remember anything, but it will become very difficult for you to learn and connect information. Given that the key to good learning is successfully connecting information into a knowledge system, not just reproducing content. So take breaks.

You don’t have to rest every half hour, follow the waves in which your concentration comes. As soon as concentration drops, take a break. Such a technique allows for the most effective learning. Do not forget that the brain needs protein synthesis in order to absorb information from the learning period. Studying for hours is very boring, and it has a bad effect on your motivation. So allow yourself a period of rest, but this is only possible if you start work on time.

2. Spend some days without studying

You don’t have to study every day. Such a regime makes many students anxious. If you are constantly stressed, you will not stay productive for long and you tend to waste time. For example, you might search more often for smartphones and the like. Instead, set aside one whole session during which you will not study. Plan your time carefully so that you really rest. It is desirable to engage in physical activity, hang out with friends, engage in a hobby. Choose activities that will help you fully rest and recharge your batteries for days of study.

Otherwise, you will very quickly become moody, tired and sloppy. Of course, try to fulfill your obligations on the other days so that you don’t spend the day off with a guilty conscience. If you can’t stop thinking about studying, you probably haven’t started on time or you’re just worrying too much. In the latter case, focus on other things, think about what relaxes you and enjoy your free time carefree.

3. Pay attention to your health and needs

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Mental and body condition has the greatest influence on internal motivation and the outcome of learning. Fatigue, stress and poor attention are the biggest enemies of learning. If you don’t get rid of it, you won’t be able to remember anything. It is common knowledge that a tired brain cannot remember, because it kills all new information or retains it for a short time with great effort. Pay attention to your emotional state. If it is unstable, information will not be retained and learning becomes a waste of time. In order to get rid of bad thoughts, talk to a close person. It could be your friends, family or people who have similar problems.

At the same time, students face new developmental stages and a large amount of university responsibilities. We’re sure it’s not easy for you to deal with this, but there is a way to stay relaxed and focused. All that is required is to listen to your psycho-physical state. If you feel bad, don’t have enough time or simply don’t want to devote yourself to schoolwork, there is a solution for such situations. Hire an expert to write the essay for you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you a cheater. Think of it as a small help in the difficult student days. If you want to find out how experts can help you with this, check https://www.homeworkhelpglobal.com/us/our-services/custom-essay-writing-services/.

4. Review your knowledge

Confidence is an important part of the learning process. If you feel insecure all the time, you will not be able to focus on literature. You will be under a lot of pressure and your anxiety level will rise. To prevent bad studies and work on your self-confidence, use the following trick. After some time, repeat everything you have learned. It is best to review the knowledge on the same day you study. That way you will feel better and more confident about yourself. You will have confirmation and therefore motivation to continue. Your knowledge will be better and safer.

5. Start with most challenging tasks

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It’s good to have a study plan. It will save you a lot of time. You will also study better, but work on your plan. First of all, set aside enough time to absorb new information, repeat what you have learned, and let everything settle down. Also plan your days off. When creating a plan, it is recommended to start with the more difficult tasks.

For example, some athletes, when exercising, load themselves up at the beginning so that the exercises seem easy at the end. The same principle can be applied in learning. The peak of your concentration is at the beginning of learning. Use this state to learn the most important things, and as time passes, move on to easier tasks. In this way, you will use the full potential of your brain and you will not get tired. It is an opportunity to connect the material more fully.


Finally, don’t forget to find the right study technique. If you’re not sure which technique works best for you, try them all. Choose the one that allows you speed and quality while learning. Avoid rote learning, except for technical terms, formulas, etc. Choose auditory learning, visually learning or motor learning. Of course, you can combine different learning techniques.

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