Sports betting: Which sports are great for beginners?

Taking part in sports betting is an exciting venture that many people do. It’s been an activity for as long as sports existed. Whether a friendly wager between friends or a severe bet with a bookie, it has been an enjoyable pastime for years.

In gambling, sports’ betting is a great starting point for beginners to get used to it all. But what sports should a beginner in sports betting choose to bet on? In this list, we have compiled some sports that will be great for a beginner in sports betting.



Football, or soccer for Americans, is a trendy sport worldwide. It’s exciting to play, watch, and bet on. Football is a great sport to start sports betting with due to its incredible global popularity. Even if you don’t care or play the sport regularly, you will still know the basic rules of the games.

There are many different apps for sports betting that use sports APIs for complex data about the teams, players, and more, an example being the Premier League API available on the Sport Monks website. A lot of information about the Premier League will be easily accessible with that API, making your sports betting easier.

Horse Racing


Another common sport to bet on is horse racing. We often see it in movies or TV shows where people with money bet on horses they think will win. Well, betting on horse racing is not strictly for people with money; it can be fun for anyone!

It’s a reasonably simple sport to bet on, just like in football, where it’s essential to learn about the players; in horse racing, it’s important to learn about the horses to determine what bet you will place.



Basketball is a bit less globally famous, but it’s a great sport to bet on when you’re a beginner in sports betting. There are rules you should know about and players’ strengths and weaknesses you should consider when betting in basketball, but it all comes down to who has the most points in the end. Beginners in sports betting will have no problem starting with basketball.



This hands-on sport is another one commonly used in sports betting. Boxing is pretty action-packed, so the excitement in it will never wane, and you can bet on many different aspects of it like with other sports.

You can bet on whether you think which person will win, if the other person will lose, or if there will be a draw. The boxing rules are pretty straightforward, so a beginner in sports betting who knows nothing about boxing will be okay with starting with this sport.



Tennis is a reasonably straightforward sport, and everyone can easily understand it. It plays in games, sets and matches. Every match has a specific number of groups, and each stage has a certain number of games.

You will find some obscure rules to learn in Tennis games. Most of the time, through watching the game, you understand correctly who’s winning & which players have good late-game power bursts and which one focuses more on early-game. It will not be a wrong decision to select Tennis as a sports betting beginner.



The rising world of esports is rapidly gaining popularity around the sports betting world. Recently, it has taken more importance as an actual sporting discipline everywhere. It may be difficult for you to understand video games.

But, you will find many games as a beginner to sports betting, like a counter strike or global offensive. Here, you will also find overwatch which has simple & easy rules for you to bet on. Moreover, these games are unbelievably magnetic & thrilling to watch.



You will gain straightforward experience with MMA sports. It sees one fighter win or the other triumph at home if there is no draw. If you bet on an MMA match, you will know what’s occurring at any time in the fight. Therefore, you have no chance to confuse or miss following the action.

The additional advantage of MMA betting is to know some of the most famous personalities in the sporting world because it mixes the realism of boxing with the pro-wrestling drama.



Golf is a sport where you will find a healthy golf betting scene. Many people think that Golf is a game rather than a sport. However, you will get excitement through the Golf sports betting.

Golf is comparatively slower, more peaceful and sedate than any other sport on the sports betting list.

The Golf game is a strategy, angling the shot and completing the course in a few strokes. So, you will find considerable ways to bet on the results of a golf game with the victory or defeat of a player.

Ice Hockey


Ice Hockey is a worldwide popular game, especially in countries that snow regularly like Canada, the USA & some countries in Europe. It plays with a six player group of each side.

You will find tens of markets for Ice Hockey games where you have the chance to bet and profit, just as in Football or Basketball. The betting chance is rising from how it plays. The game is played between two teams, and each section has six players.

In this ice hockey game, five players are on the field, and one remains on the ice rink as a goaltender. The main aim of each team is to reach goals as possible.

So, the punters can bet on the probably winning team or the players who can get a high score. If the prediction is correct, players take the betting win home.

Final words

A sport betting is the predicting of sports outcomes and the activity of placing a wager on the results. To win extra money is the primary intention of sports betting. Sports’ betting is a fantastic event where many people take part.

Sports’ betting is an ideal starting point for beginners in global gambling. Above are some best sports we mentioned that will be great for beginners as sports betting.

So, you can choose the above sports as a sports betting beginner!

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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