Facts Why Sixtel Kegs Are So Popular Among Craft Breweries In the US

If you are choosing barrels for your brewery, you may have noticed that more and more craft breweries in the USA prefer to use a sixth barrel keg.

In this article, we will figure out why this small but convenient barrel has won the North American brewery market, as well as where you can profitably buy a 1/6 bbl keg.

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Pros of the 1/6 Keg: What Sets Sixtel Kegs Apart

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So, what is a sixtel keg? This compact barrel holds 5.16 gallons, or 640 ounces, of beer. The dimensions are 590 mm in height and 235 mm in diameter. One of the main advantages of a sixtel keg is its size; it’s significantly smaller than the more commonly used half-barrel keg. This compactness makes it easier to transport and store, especially for small establishments or for personal use at home events.

The size is also ideal for trying out new beer varieties without committing to a large quantity. Many craft brewers prefer sixtel kegs for this reason, as it allows them to offer a greater variety of options without worrying about the beer going stale. Additionally, the smaller volume means quicker turnover, ensuring that you’re always serving fresh beer.

A Versatile Choice for Craft Breweries

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And this is a great choice that will delight brewers with its versatility.

So, 1/6 barrel keg is suitable for:

  • Small craft breweries with limited batches of beer;
  • Large breweries testing new beer recipes;
  • Enterprises with limited space and in search of compact barrels that allow to use the space with maximum benefit;
  • Companies that regularly supply beer to some events or outlets where it is important to use light and portable kegs.

Affordability of 1/6 Kegs

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Another major advantage of opting for 1/6 kegs is their affordability. Typically, the cost for a 1/6 keg ranges between $110-160, which is quite budget-friendly considering the volume of beverage it holds. This cost-effectiveness becomes even more apparent when you need multiple kegs for an event or business. If you’re looking to purchase several kegs at once, there’s often room for negotiation.

Many sellers offer wholesale prices or bulk discounts that can significantly reduce the cost per keg. This can result in considerable savings, especially for businesses that require a steady supply of kegs for their operations. Therefore, the affordability of 1/6 kegs, along with the potential for bulk discounts, makes them an economically sound choice for both individual consumers and business owners alike.

What to Expect in Terms of Lifespan: How long does a 1/6 keg last?

These barrels are constructed from high-quality 304 stainless steel, sourced from reputable manufacturers in Europe, ensuring their durability and longevity. This particular type of stainless steel is well-known for its corrosion-resistant properties, making it ideal for storing various types of beverages. Because of this top-grade material, you can expect these barrels to last you for several years, offering a good return on your investment. However, it’s important to note that the lifespan of these barrels is also influenced by several factors.

The way you store them plays a significant role; for example, keeping them in a cool, dry place will extend their usable life. Operating features, such as the presence of a pressure relief valve, can also have an impact on longevity. Additionally, the type of beverage stored in the barrels can affect their lifespan. Certain acidic or highly carbonated drinks may wear on the interior lining more than others, so it’s crucial to consider the compatibility of the barrel with the beverages you plan to store.

Cons of the 1/6 Keg: When to Consider Other Size Options

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Now that you know how big is a 1/6 keg, it’s time to talk about when you might need a different-size keg.

Despite obvious advantages such as portability, compactness, ergonomics, and stability, this barrel does not suit large breweries that produce large quantities of beer.

Such enterprises should pay attention to:

  • ¼ barrel or 30l keg. Both options hold 7.75 gallons.
  • ½ barrel or its equivalent 50l keg. These tanks are designed for 15.5 gallons.

Where to buy Sixtel Kegs in the United States?

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All products of the company are made of high-quality steel, which provides a high level of biological safety, and the barrels are designed to be as convenient as possible in work.

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