7 Websites Students Can Use To Transition Easier Into A Professional Environment – 2024 Guide

Once you finish college, you’ll find yourself in a delicate situation. Where do I go? What do I do? Well – it’s okay because the digital age presents limitless opportunities for you. The process of transitioning into a professional environment is not an easy one, but it can be made easy if you set your mind to it.

Thankfully you no longer have to crawl through expensive pubs to stumble upon a successful entrepreneur who’d hire you. You know LinkedIn – it’s that site which keeps spamming your email with invites from random workaholic people you know? Well, that’s just scraping the tip of the iceberg.

Without further ado, we’ve made a list of seven websites to help you smoothly transition into a professional environment.

1. EssayPro.com

Having writing problems is common for everybody. Some of us have a language barrier, while others just have better things to do. But if you’re looking for a job or applying to a Master’s program, you’ll have to sell yourself through writing. If taking a Coursera course is too much work, you can always ask a professional to write an essay, an application, or an email for you. But looking up ‘write my essay’ in Google will redirect you to some shady services you’d do well to avoid. EssayPro however, isn’t like this. They allow you to pay only after you’ve read and approved the work, which puts enough stress on their writers to try their best. If writing isn’t your bread and butter – there’s always EssayPro.

2. YouTube

Plenty of people in the world have transitioned into a professional environment and told their story. From famous bloggers to economists and programmers, YouTube is a haven for all knowledge. Especially if you’re keen on getting it from people, not just dull old textbooks. The funny thing is that for one Lifehacker website ten YouTubers are covering the same topics – and with videos.

The most underrated feature is the ability to tailor content to your specific needs. If viral videos keep popping up and distracting you from work, you can always say “not interested”, and the YouTube algorithm won’t ever recommend these videos to you. This way you can sign up for a bunch of educational and practical channels, and gain professional skills from people already in the industry. As a musician myself, I always watch producers tinker with sounds and explain how iconic music is made on their vlogs. YouTube is mesmerizing and educational if you use it well.

3. Craigslist (US) or Gumtree (UK)

Word is – that Hollywood producers actually find new actors and extras for group shoots through Craigslist. If you browse the Los Angeles area, you’ll see plenty of ads like this – and not from some shady companies – but legit big names like Netflix. By fishing for such opportunities on Craigslist, you can end up starring in a hit music video or meeting somebody successful and famous.

The wonderful thing about classifieds is that you can find just about anything there from people hiring nannies to free giveaways, which you can easily resell and make a buck hustling. That YouTube channel LivingBobby turned $1 into $1000 this way. Through classifieds, you can rent apartments and find awesome jobs. Most young startup companies use classifieds because they know that’s where the youth is at.  Be smart, and these sites will create endless windows of opportunities for you.

4. Reddit

Reddit isn’t just for memes. Smart users know that Reddit is the central hub of the internet – the place where things get born. Fashion trends, new music, crazy ideas for new startups and much more. So say if you just graduated fashion and design and you’re looking to start a clothing brand – you can find all the NEWEST trends on Reddit. Statistically, Reddit is always a few weeks ahead of the rest of the internet.

To back up that statement – check out the famous video by Yes Theory where they fooled the internet with a fake Justin Bieber burrito photo. To make the picture go viral, they targeted the Reddit thread entitled ‘mildly infuriating’, and within ten minutes the photo became an internet phenomenon. News media picked the story up only a few days after Reddit. So if you’d like to try making things go viral, or you want to be a week ahead of the rest of the world in trends – then Reddit is your best friend.

5. Coursera

When I started writing blogs – I literally knew nothing about it. But then I took a beginner writing course at the University of California, Irvine, and it all became clear as 123. After a few weeks of practice, my writing began visibly improving and quickening – the point that I am confident in offering my writing services to just about any company. A quick course in Coursera, and you’ll be writing scripts, short stories, beautiful poetry and beyond.

I’d even go as far as recommending MasterClass. You’ve probably seen the ads on YouTube and never checked it out. They’re a bit pricey these master classes, but if you surf around torrents, you may find the treasures you’re looking for. Just remember you didn’t hear it from us.

6. Keepmeout

Boredom is hard to kill – especially if you’re a slacker like myself. I’ve used Keepmeout.com for a while now, and it has kept me motivated in a strange way. The classic me is when I open my computer, click on Chrome and type f which sends me scrolling endlessly through Facebook. Keepmeout doesn’t let me do this anymore and my scrolling days are over.

We are always prone to procrastination, but it’s important to realize that the smartest minds procrastinate the least. With a tool like Keepmeout behind your back, you’ll stay off those addictive, toxic areas of the internet which do nothing but kill your time. Focus on transitioning into a professional environment, not scrolling through memes! You have a degree now for Christ’s sake!

7. Mint

Speaking of procrastination – a widespread form of it involves money. Students and those who graduate have a terrible time tracking their spendings. Some have it in them; some don’t. Those who don’t use the app called Mint to literally see every coin that they spend at any given time. This is incredibly useful – and not only to save a buck.

Mint can be used if you’re starting your own business. Back to the clothing brand example – if you’re doing t-shirts you need to calculate the cost of buying 50 tees, the cost of shipping them and of course making prints. Instead of doing it on the lousy Notes app or killing paper – you can store all the spendings in Mint. This way you can adequately assess whether you have adequately assessed your expenses. Make sense?

Final Takeaway

As it appears, you already have all you need to transition into a professional environment. If you use sites like YouTube or Coursera correctly, you’ll boost your professional skills and will be able to accomplish literally anything. With sites like Mint, you’ll track your spendings and never have to waste an extra coin.

All being said – a little surfing goes a long way. With confidence knowledge and practice – entrepreneurs will be spamming your Gmail in no time!