Silicone vs. Plastic Phone Case – Which One is Better? – 2024 Guide

Smartphones represent the most popular devices in recent years, and it is not a surprise since they have so many useful and entertaining functions. Some of the most popular brands are Apple, Samsung, LG, but there are many other great manufacturers as well. This industry is constantly advancing by introducing phones with better features, bigger cameras, improved screens, and many other functions. The most recent trend is foldable phones, where some of the most popular models are Z Flip and Fold from Samsung, Motorola Razr, LG Wing, and more.

On the other hand, while we can buy new phones with excellent specifications, the main issue remains the same, and that is the fragile screen. Even though manufacturers are implementing the improved type of glasses, where the most popular is Gorilla Glass, even the most recent model 6 can get damaged if your phone falls on the ground. Besides the screen, many brands are making phones with glasses all around the devices or add aluminum and hard plastic that can be easily scratched.

Considering that some of the most recent devices cost over $1,000, it is recommended to add additional protection to ensure them to serve you for a longer time. The best way of protection is to buy a phone case. Luckily, the market for cases is huge today, and you can visit to check some great designed cases with high-quality. The most common materials used for the cases are plastic and silicone, and the question is, which one of these can serve better as protection? Here are some important features to consider when buying the right phone case.


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One of the most important features related to phone cases is durability. Both silicone and plastic are known as very strong, which is the main reason why they are used in so many industries. Even the plastic is less durable than silicone, it can serve as great protection for the phone since it might break while keeping the phone safe. On the other hand, silicone is even better for the protection of your device, while you can place it on the phone much easier since it is flexible. However, the main difference is the cleaning process because silicone will attract much more dust and dirt, while plastic is much easier to wash.


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You can find a wide selection of designs of cases for any model today. However, we have to mention that the choice is much bigger for the plastic since it is much easier for production. Also, the main issue with silicone is that attracts more dirt, which means that it could lose color over time and appear dirty even after you wash it. In that matter, if you are interested in design over other features, plastic is a much better option.

Feel While Holding the Phone

These materials will provide you with a different feel while holding them. While plastic provides you with many benefits related to protection and design, silicone is much more comfortable when holding it in your hands. Also, this material is less slippery than plastic, which can be very important when you place a phone on some curved surface like the board in your car. Also, it is easier for a plastic case to fall out of your hands.


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The most important feature of the case is to protect the phone when it falls on the ground. Most of these devices are made with glass and thin plastic that can easily slip from our hands or the pocket. Therefore, buying a proper case can save you from the struggle when you can wait a couple of days for the service to fix or replace the screen on your phone, not to mention the price, which can be even over $300 for the most recent models. On the other side, you find most cases for under $10. When it comes to the difference between plastic and silicone, the plastic can serve as much better protection, especially if your phone falls from a greater height. Moreover, you should add a layer of protection on the screen as well.

Ecology Aspect

While plastic is useful for many industries, the main issue with it is related to the environment and how it manages to disrupt nature. It is our responsibility to prevent the excessive deposit of plastic in nature because it is seriously damaging the wildlife. Also, the process of manufacturing plastic cases a high emission of toxic materials that directly affect the ozone layer the global heating issue. In that matter, if you are interested in a greener option, we suggest you choose some model made of silicone.

Best Models Available on the Market

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Since these cases are very popular and most people are using them, companies that are producing them are constantly trying to improve their design, durability, and add some additional features. For example, besides the protection from the fall, you can choose a case that is water-resistant, which is excellent when you are going to a beach since you could swim with your phone without any fear that it could get damaged.

Also, we can see that wallet cases are very popular as well, especially those thin ones where you can place your ID and credit cards along with some cash. Besides that, you can find many models that resemble popular movies, cartoons, and many other themes, which are especially popular among kids. Nevertheless, there are also some advanced models available that could improve some of the functions on the phone, like those with implemented external batteries, additional USB ports, AUX ports, or extra buttons for gaming.

Last Words

When it comes to the conclusion related to the answer about which one of these materials is better, you should choose the right one according to your preferences. However, when we look at some of the most important features that an average case should have, then plastic is a much better option since it can provide much better security. On the other hand, if you want a model that will feel better in your hands, or you want one that is less harmful to the environment, silicone is the best option for you.