10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Bitcoin – 2024 Guide

There is a big hype related to Bitcoin in recent years because many people became interested in investing in this cryptocurrency, especially during 2017, when it hits the current record in price of near $20,000. Also, the high volatility makes it very attractive to investors interested in day trading. There are many advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Also, you can choose different methods to earn in this market, such as holding, mining, or trading. For more information about trading, visit bitcoinup-pro.com/login.

Furthermore, such popularity of Bitcoin made a lot of people research more about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and their potential. Some people might seem too obsessed and annoy people around them all the time. You may not even be aware that you are one of those people. Therefore, here are some signs that might indicate that you are obsessed with Bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin Is Your Main Topic Most of the Time

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Speaking with your friends or family about your plans and business can be beneficial because you can hear their opinions and advice that might help you to become more successful. However, if you are forcing one theme all the time, they might get annoyed. You have to be aware that not all people are so attracted and interested in digital currencies. Therefore, be sure that the people around you are interested in this topic before you start talking about that.

2. You Often Argue With People

You have to be aware that there are people who are not interested in blockchain technology and Bitcoin at all, and that they prefer standard payment methods and cash. If you notice that you would start an argument with people who don’t share your opinions related to BTC, that might be a clear indication that you are preoccupied with it.

3. You Fantasize a Lot

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This technology indeed represents a revolution that can create a better monetary system in the whole world. One of the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies is that you can protect your assets in case of a recession. However, if you are thinking about those benefits all the time, fantasize about the future world where everyone is using e-wallets for payments, you should know that you are overly attached to that topic.

4. You Are Too Sure That the Price Can Only Become Higher

One of the features related to the market of cryptocurrencies is that prices are constantly changing. However, some people are so sure that the price of Bitcoin will only become higher in the future, that they are risking to lose a lot by investing even more than they could afford. There are many indications that this digital asset will reach a higher price, but there are also some factors that might make it worthless in the end.

5. It is Affecting Your Social Life

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We can find a lot of people that often share all kinds of articles and news related to the current situation on the crypto market. Also, there are some social networks like Bitcoin Talk, specially created for people interested in blockchain. On the other hand, if you are sharing only posts related to BTC on your Instagram and Facebook, your friends might get annoyed since you are not interested in any other topic besides cryptocurrencies.

6. You Choose Only Those Stores That Support Bitcoin

Shopping online by using your e-wallet is quite convenient and there are many benefits like improved security, faster transactions, and more. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to avoid spending too much by only choosing those stores that accept BTC. Supporting them is a great way to contribute to the whole system, but you should try to control your budget properly.

7. You Are Attending Conferences

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There are many people interested in attending various meetings related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and many activities related to them. It is always a good thing to hear more from some expert about a certain topic. However, you might end up as someone who is ignoring other things in life and people around you only to hang out with people interested in Bitcoin, and attending live and online conferences all the time. That can have a negative effect on your social life.

8. Reading Too Many News About BTC

One of the most common indications that someone is obsessed with Bitcoin is f they are reading about the most recent news and checking on the current value throughout the whole day. Being determined is a great way to succeed in any business, but focusing too much on it might create more problems than positive things.

9. You Are Forcing People Around You to Invest

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As we already have mentioned, you should know that many people are just not so interested in modern methods of payment and technology. They would rather choose traditional methods and trying to force them to even speak about investing in Bitcoin might lead to an argument or even a conflict. In that matter, you should learn when to keep some of your opinions for yourself.

10. People Start to Avoid You

We know that you have clear and positive thinking and that you intend to show other people that they could also become as successful as you are by investing in the same thing. However, some people might get bored with your stories since they are simply not interested in that. You should pay attention to the behavior of your close friends when you start talking about Bitcoin, and if you notice that they are not comfortable with that topic, you should change the subject, or they will start avoiding you at some moment.

Last Words

Investing in Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies can lead to a great profit. This system represents a revolution for current monetary systems in the whole world. On the other side, even with all of the clear advantages, there are still a lot of people who are not attracted to modern technologies, e-wallets, and they prefer traditional cash as a payment method. Therefore, you should talk about this topic only with people that you know are interested in the same subject.