4 Signs You Need a Better Home Warranty Plan For You

While it is a standard to have proper home insurance, the additional warranty can be an excellent way to resolve potential issues. The main advantage of getting a home warranty is the financial coverage in case of malfunctions of systems or appliances. That represents an excellent way to avoid getting into financial troubles due to sudden technical issues in your home.

If you are interested in getting a home warranty, the most important thing is to find a reliable agency, such as completecarehomewarranty.com. Besides that, you should learn more about different plans and what you can protect with the warranty. Learning more about available options will help you to avoid some issues that are possible in the case that you choose the wrong plan.

1. Lack of Coverage

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One of the biggest mistakes people could make is paying for a warranty that is not covering all installations and devices in the home. It is crucial to read the details in the contract before signing. For example, some warranties might not cover the additional parts of the appliances, like the situation where you can get compensation for the broken coffee machine but not for the coffee grinder. The best solution is to never rush when choosing the plan and be sure to get the most suitable one.

That way, you will avoid an unpleasant surprise when you realize that you will have to spend more money on fixing some device or co-paying for the repairs in your home because the current warranty cannot cover it completely.

Moreover, some plans might contain additional terms related to how you were using the devices in your home. In that case, if they prove that you are responsible for the failure, the insurance company won’t provide you with the compensation.

2. You Are Overpaying the Warranty

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We suggest you always compare different options and check the pricing according to your home, types of appliances, and condition of installations. In case that you are living in a new home, chances are great that there are still active warranties for all of your appliances. The average warranty provided by the manufacturer is two years.

In that matter, if you have just moved into the new house fully equipped with appliances, you should find the plan that will cover only electrical repairs and plumbing. Besides that, you should check if there is a chance for additional expenses in case of some failures. Check the prices of repairs in your area, and compare them to the fees related to the home warranty.

3. The Provider is Unreliable

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As we already mentioned, one of the most important things when looking for a home warranty is to check more details about the provider. You can compare the available agencies in your area, ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations, read online reviews. The great thing is that the process of cancellation is much easier when compared to other types of insurance. Therefore, you can end the current deal by informing the company one month in advance.

Some of the reasons to consider the cancellation are related to issues with your claims and the time needed for the provider to resolve the problems. If you notice that the company is trying to avoid some parts of the contract, or if they are too late with the fulfillment of their obligations, the best option is to start looking for another provider.

The factors you should check to be sure that the company is reliable are their partners, quality of customer service, and fees. The provider must have licensed support, which is related to technicians who can guarantee that they will properly fix any issue. Also, you should be able to contact them at any moment.

The time required for the technician to come is less than five days. Also, if you are having an emergency, such as malfunction of electric installations, you can expect the professional to come on the same day. If your current provider cannot provide these services in a reasonable time and with proper quality, that is the sign to replace it.

4. You Are Not Satisfied With the Current Plan

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Unfortunately, most people will realize that they made a mistake after an issue with installations or appliances that the current plan cannot cover. be sure to analyze the terms of the contract to be sure that the agency is not trying to avoid its obligations.

That is the main reason why it is important to read the details. There might be the part that states that there is a limit related to repairs. Not knowing about such details might lead you into an unpleasant situation.

The solution is to determine your budget and define what you want to cover with the warranty. After that, you can check the requirements and benefits of different insurance companies and make the right choice.

On the other side, the reason why a client is not satisfied with the current plan anymore be because of some changes in the home. Before you sign the contract, the company will send an agent to your address who will make a list of things that will be covered with the warranty. Therefore, if you decide to make some upgrades in your home or buy additional appliances, you will need to inform the company and change some terms in the warranty.


The best solution to avoid any of these issues is to never rush with your decision. Buying a proper warranty can save you a lot of money. Therefore, be sure that all of the devices and installations are listed in the contract.

Moreover, if you decide to buy new appliances, or invest in renovation that might affect some things covered with the warranty, it is necessary to contact the provider and notify about these changes so they can be added into existing contract. There are many benefits of buying a proper plan. With an average price of $500 per year, you can protect standard appliances like a washing machine, the fridge, air conditioning, plumbing, and more.

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