How to Shorten and Track Links for Social Media – 2024 Guide

Have you ever noticed a moment where you share a link of quite an interesting subject on your social media, but it does not end up getting any clicks? At first, these moments did not make any sense considering that the topic is interesting and that it does not correlate with your viewer statistics. Why did this one post get so much less recognition than anything else that has been posted? Well, the answer to this dilemma might be that the links that you are sharing are simply too long. It is time to start utilizing tools that shorten and track links.

Tools that can help you shorten the links that you want to share on your social media accounts and that allow you to track all of the information regarding the clicks and the people that visit the websites you have shared are underrated. Not a lot of people have built the habit of using these tools even though it has been proven they can boost the number of clicks you can get on your posts.

If you want to know how exactly to shorten and track links for your social media account, I recommend you continue reading through this article and find out. I am also going to tell you about the benefits of making this into a habit.

Why should I do it?

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Creating short URLs to share with your audience is not a must. You are free to run your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account in any way you want. But, why not utilize all of these free tools that you can found on the Internet that can provide you with a lot of benefits. You should always have the goal of building your online presence to be bigger, better, and more frequent.

This is the reason why you should start shortening and tracking links. It is free, it is better for your audience and you get to track what the people are interested in when they click on the URL.

How to do it?

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Assuming that you have never done this, you probably want to know how a URL shorter works. Is it complicated? Is it simple? Does it require a lot of effort or time? Well, I am sure you will be glad to know that it does not require any kind of effort, it will not take up any of your time and it is a simple process.

The first thing you will need to do is find a website that provides such a tool. You need something secure and something legitimate that will properly shorten the URL you need. But, I am sure you will not have any trouble finding such a website because there are tons of them on the Internet right now. According to, sometimes you can even customize the links you are going to share or even customize the domain and the page.

As you can see, making this into a habit is not difficult at all because all you have to do is just press a couple of buttons. Paste it on the website you decided to use, click okay, and then you are done. Now you can copy the tiny URL and you can freely paste it on your social media account.

Benefits of a shortened link

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It is convenient

One of the main reasons people decide to use these tools is because it makes things a lot more convenient for everyone and it just looks better. Some websites, including Facebook and Google, have URLs that are simply too long. Sometimes they can be over 100 characters and it looks messy. Letters, numbers, and symbols all bundled up into one long “sentence” never looks good.

I am sure that you hate sharing such links with your audience. It just makes your profile look ugly. But, now with the ability to make those URLs tinier than ever, you will not have to worry about that anymore. Things get a lot prettier and more convenient once you post a URL that has been shortened.

These URLs are so short sometimes, you can even remember them. It is a combination of four or five numbers with letters, so it is easy to write. There will be no need to save the link anywhere on your computer or phone because you can just type it out whenever you want.

It lets you track the clicks

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Another very obvious benefits to shortened links are the fact that these tools allow you to track the activity from your audience. Naturally, you will not be able to see what they actually click once they get to decide, but you can see a lot of demographic information. You will have information about which social media people are coming from. This can be useful when sharing a URL on Facebook, Instagram, and some other platforms.

The information about the people’s gender will also be available which can be useful sometimes. You may even find out which country provides you with the most clicks on your URL. Once you gather all of this information you can easily track, you will be able to use it to improve the content on your social media accounts.

People will be willing to share it

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Whenever you share something on Twitter, I assume you hope that a lot of people will decide to retweet what you have shared. Retweeting or re-sharing can bring in a lot more new followers to your accounts and more clicks on your link.

Naturally, this happens because people are more willing to copy a link that is only 20 character-long instead of having to copy a full URL that is longer than 100 characters. No one wants to make their profile ugly with such a URL.

After reading through this entire article, I hope you understand just how easy it is to shorten and track a certain link. I also hope you understand the importance of this and that you will build a habit out of it.