9 Fashionable Short Beard Styles to Try in 2024

Beard trends keep on changing with time, and in 2024, men can try new looks that will suit every face type. A slight change in your beard and mustache can change your entire face. Therefore, it is nothing wrong if you experiment with your appearance. There are plenty of styles that one can try this year. You can grab a trimmer and start having a look you desire. It is in your hands how you can embrace your masculinity.

If you want to get tips to groom yourself in different ways, then you must check menglowup.com. Here, you can go through all the relevant tips for men to look handsome and charming. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the fashionable short beards that one must try to look good and presentable.

1. Short Boxed

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It is a common style in which you trim the full beard. If we talk about the length, then it is the only ¾ of an inch. For a man who wants to groom perfectly in summers, then it is the perfect option.
If you are bald, then this beard style will look the best on them. It is relatively easy to maintain the style, and hence, no additional efforts are required to give it a proper finish. Your lower cheek line is covered with short hair and gives a fantastic look to your face.

2. Beardstache

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It is a famous beard style, which was first rocked by Mission Impossible movie’s Henry Cavill. It is not such a typical style that a man can carry this year. When you slightly change the short-boxed beard and trim your hair from cheeks, chin, and jaw more, then you can get this look.

It gives a defined and clear appearance to men. If you maintain the length, then you must use the beard oil to maintain it properly. If you want to maintain this style, you have to trim your hair after a few days.

3. Royal

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In this style, you have to work on your chin and mustache hair. The vertical or falling hair of your chin gives a royal look to your face. You have to keep your mustaches bold and well-defined.
It should look classic because of the thickness. The neck and the cheeks must be smooth enough so that it does not interfere in the style. If any man prefers to have patchy growth, then they should pick the Royal look.

4. Classic Stache

img source: beardstyle.net

It is another versatile look for men who want to change their appearance like retro people. You have to keep the hair of the mustache grows naturally. You have to clean shave the hair on cheeks, chin, jawline, and neck.

If some hair is coming over your lips, then it is better to cut them off. Make sure that your growth of hair on the upper lips should not be thick. This style suits almost every man with a sleek face.

5. Goatee

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When you combine the mustache with a beard from the sides of the mouth, you can get a Goatee style. You have to trim or shave the rest of the hair on the cheeks and jawline. It works well for every type of hair growth.

It is easy to maintain the style. You need to ensure that you prevent the growth of hair on any side of the mouth. The beard’s appearance will remain the same if you keep up the style in the right way.

6. Shaggy

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If you are tired of maintaining an uneven beard, it is better to consider the Shaggy style. It is a perfect grooming technique that one can consider. To maintain it, you only need to trim your beard two times a week.

The length of the hair must be the same as the width of your finger. Make sure that you maintain the length until you keep this style on. The beard’s falling hair will give you a messy and a gentleman look at the same time.

7. 3-day Stubble

img source: medium.com

If you want to have a rough and tough look, then you can consider this style. It is relatively easy, and you will look amazing in it. If you want to get this look, then take a trimmer, and trim your beard at length less than an inch quarter.

Fade the edges of your face and give a clean shaved-like appearance. If you have any patchy area on your face, it is better to avoid it because your patches will be visible and not look good.

8. Mutton Chops

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It is another classic look for men that looks stylish and tidy. You need to extend the sideburns to your beard and join them with your mustache. The chin area must be clean and tidy. Take a trimmer and groom all the edges well to give a more defined appearance. Make sure that you keep cheeks and the neckline clean and tidy. Many men feel confident about their looks because it is relatively clean and defined.

9. Chevron

img source: apetogentleman.com

It is also a classic beard style for men of any face shape. You have to keep the mustache thick and well-shaped. Cut additional hair that is coming out of the mustache on the lips. Now, you have to shave the entire face. Nowadays, many youths are considering this style and look amazing with it.

If you want to get a gentleman look, then it is the perfect option that you can choose. It is easy to maintain it because you only need to shave your beard timely and trim the mustache’s extra hair.

The Bottom Line

Every year, trends change, and the same goes for men’s beards. There are plenty of short-beard styles that one can pick. All the above-listed styles go perfectly on any face shape. They are easy to maintain, and therefore, one can easily keep it tidy and well-defined in their homes. You should not go to salons and get expensive appointments, if possible, with a standard trimmer. Check out the style you like and start grooming yourself.