Sew-in Hair Extensions for Thin Hair – 2024 Guide

Everyone wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hair. This is a dream of many people, and unfortunately for some, it is impossible because they naturally have thin hair that is easily broken and destroyed.

It takes years for it to grow enough, and even that will not guarantee its quality. Due to the naturally thin hair, it breaks more easily, as we have already mentioned, so you will have to shorten it often and thus delay the desired length.

Sometimes women also invest too much effort, time and money on expensive products to end up disappointed and give up on treating hair that has no help. It’s time to forget about it and choose a faster and more economical solution, and those are always extensions. However, we are not talking about any extensions but about sew-in extensions.

With this, you will not notice the difference between your natural and extensions. You will see, once you find extensions that suit you perfectly, you will want to keep them forever! This is one of the best investments because such an investment pays off in the long run. It is only important that you take care of the extensions as if you were your own hair during the whole process.

What is a sew-in?

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This is a special concept of extensions. First of all, you need to make cornrows where you want to insert the clips before connecting the clips and the hair. When you do that, the next step is to connect it, and you will do that with a needle and sewing thread by attaching the extension to the braids.

This way you get perfectly protected hair that does not require special maintenance. With this method, your natural hair does not break and so it rests from daily treatment with different types of presses, brushes and other products. If you want it to belong, this is a great way to achieve that.

Advantage of sew-in technique over others:


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It is true that many women use this as a temporary solution during certain events where they want to have longer hair. However, as many women see this as the best option because they can take it off whenever they want, so they wear it during the everyday variant.

Regardless of the fact that the clips have won the sympathy of many women, they are difficult to wear. It doesn’t matter if you use larger or smaller clips, they are equally harmful. Think about how delicate it is and breaks easily only when combing… You can then imagine how they can withstand the extra load provided by the clips, and this is even worse if more clips are placed on the smaller strands. This is a bad option for every day.

However, it cannot do much harm to your hair if you use it temporarily, and they are quite practical as they are reusable. They are also easy to wash and shape.


This type of extension can last for a long time, from six to eight weeks, and because of that characteristic, women use it. However, unlike the sew-in technique, it is much more demanding to maintain. It also pulls the hair root like the previous technique, only this is even more pressure due to the fact that it lasts longer on the strands and thus does more damage.

These are straps that are fixed to a lock of hair, and when we say that they need more maintenance, we mean a deviation from some everyday things, such as going to training or something like that. These are situations where your threads as well as you are all sweating and this can lead to loosening of the tape. You must also be careful when choosing a shampoo as well as when applying a conditioner that must not be at the root of the hair – again so as not to weaken the strands.


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Many women use this technique because the hair then looks the most natural due to the discreet appearance of these extensions. They are also much better than traditional devices, because this technique does not use those that can damage the hair, but ultrasound technology that converts keratin from solid to liquid and vice versa in just a few seconds.

Unlike the previous extensions, with these you can freely go to the gym, swim and perform other daily activities without any problems. This technique is perhaps the closest to sew in if we compare their quality, but certainly, any form of strand loading of the loose hair is not good. So sew-in is still the winner in this duel.

How to choose the right color?

This is one of the most common problems that most women face, but our advice is not to do it alone but to seek the help of experts like GlamLocks.

The challenge is a great choice when it comes to colors and textures, from blonde to purple or straight and extra curly hair – there are so many options… Basically, you can conclude something yourself, and that is that when choosing your shade you should strive for a darker color to achieve a natural look. In terms of texture, simply look for the ones that best fit the natural texture of your hair. This way you will be able to shape it more easily and it will not require going to the salon every day.

How to take care of your extensions?

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One of the most important things is to properly maintain the extensions. This means that if you want to prolong your life, you have to take care of it. The most important thing is to comb them regularly so that they do not get tangled.


Extensions sometimes have a bad reputation, but these are the clips that protrude from the hair when the color of the extensions is not the same as the rest of the hair or has too much inappropriate length. This looks artificial, obvious, and even cheap. To avoid this, we have presented you with extensions that promise better quality, a natural look and can serve as a solution to many problems.