How To Promote Music Videos On YouTube – An Easy 6 Step Guide

More than half of the 30 most-watched videos of all time on YouTube are music videos, and three of the outright top five music videos have well over 5 billion views each. Music Videos are one of the most consumed categories of content on YouTube. As an artist, YouTube offers a massive well of opportunity for engagement, revenue, and publicity. Taking advantage of YouTube’s immense potential is vital to an upcoming artist to increase popularity and gain a fan base. Music promotion company Artist Push made the list of easy steps to improve artist statistics on youtube.

This article lists 6 easy steps that can help to promote music videos for an artist.

1. Drum Up The Hype And Excitement


Uploading a music video unannounced and out of the blue and still getting massive views is a luxury reserved for the elite legends of the music industry. For everybody else, promoting the music video long before it is due is a must. Constant reminders to the fans of the release date will keep awareness and anticipation levels high. Fans will be ready to share and engage the video as soon as it drops. Reminding them constantly through as many social media avenues as possible is an absolutely essential part of any pre-release strategy.

Engaging the fans with online and in-person interactions will encourage them to share, follow and subscribe. Using CTAs, that is Call To Action marketing will also prompt fans to engage and share.

2. Making The Effort For A Good SEO is Worth It

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves making sure that an uploaded music video is as easy to find as possible. The title of the music video should be unique but have keywords that ensure it will show at the top of any search list. Adding as many relevant tags will man that and searches for those tags will also present the music video as a relevant result. In the YouTube space, thumbnails are very important. An appropriate, eye-catching but not false is misleading thumbnail will draw attention to the music video even from users who are not looking for it.

3. Upload Behind the Scenes Clips and Teasers


Even before uploading a music video, sharing short excerpts of the finished video with lengths of from 5 to 15 seconds will increase hype for the full video and its release date. Interesting and fun moments during the studio recording process have the same effect. Dropping hints about the set of the music video and choreography and so on are all things fans love to engage.

4. Take Full Advantage of YouTube’s Ad Network Services


For all the talk that everybody hates ads, aggressive advertisement is still the best way to draw in potential fans and subscribers. To make full use of YouTube’s ad service, and Ads Amount with Google is necessary. YouTube allows for specialized targeting options so that the services are optimized and used as efficiently as possible.

In addition to this, there is an option to use Google’s TrueView feature, which only takes a fee when a viewer opts to watch the ad. Due to the fact that these ads are opt-in, there are no time limits. These ads are offered in two forms –

  • TrueView In-stream Ads: these are skippable ads that can be as much as 2 or three minutes long that pop up at the beginning or in the middle of a YouTube video. These will only incur a cost to the uploader if the viewer watches more than 30 seconds of the ad.
  • TrueView Video Discovery Ads: These are more specific ads that show up next to other music videos that a viewer may be watching, or sites up as potential alternatives in search results when users are looking for other artists or music in the same genre. They only incur costs when the user clicks the link to the ad.

5. Engage and Collaborate With Content Creators

The insane popularity of such media as TikTok died something; music fans love interaction through association. Music used in mashups and covers or in fun snakehead created by influencers often go viral in days and stay in charts for months. Tapping into the often tremendous audiences content creators have is an almost 100 percent full-proof strategy to promote a music video.

Collaborate with independent YouTube content creators by offering music to them to use in their content. If they use the music in their content, they will add links to the channel where their viewers can find the original artist.

Content creators bring the added advantage of being able to utilize trends. The difference between riding the wave of whatever is trending at a particular moment and not doing so can be worth several orders of magnitude in the number of engagements. It is no exaggeration to say keeping with trends can double or triple shares and views when used right.

6. Share Digitally On Every Social Media Platform


It is obvious that sharing on social media is an absolute necessity for all artists. Posting about the upcoming video is part of the pre-release strategy, but even when the video has dropped, posting direct links to the YouTube video and excerpts from the video on social media that allow video sharing is important. Encouraging friends and family to share and well will increase reach and potential audience.

Outside of the more obvious Twitter and Instagram, online forums and groups, Reddit and other less traditional sites will help reach different audiences. Do not overlook these social media platforms.

Music has moved on from big record labels, selling albums and radio as the only media for sharing music. Now, anyone with good music and the right strategy can take the world by storm. It is not a must to have special connections or a big label and infinite funding to promote music. In the modern era, video accounts for nearly half of music demand and consumption worldwide, so the music video is literally as important as the music itself. The 6 steps explained above offer a good strategy for musicians to promote their music. Using them will help your brand in so many ways.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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