How Frequently Should You Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Even though we live in a world where diversity is highly celebrated, one aspect, although ironically contradictory to this, also plays a tremendous role in our lives, and yes, we are talking about our appearance, or, to be more precise, how we look. It may sound silly, but this is true, and today, that need for approval by others has somehow got in the first place when it comes to how we see ourselves.

All this can lead to many health problems, but that’s not the topic for today, as there are some things that we should do for ourselves, and not for others.

Things that we should do for ourselves


Beauty and relaxation treatments are nothing new, yet some people are still not using them, which is a shame, as it is perhaps the best way to work on ourselves and ease the mind at the same time.

Now, first impressions are of vast importance, and the main contributor to leaving a good first impression is confidence.

For some, this confidence and self-awareness come from nice clothing, while for others is about how they look and whether they feel comfortable in their skin, but what both have in common is that our face gestures are actually the crucial aspect of it all.

Some of you will not entirely agree with this, but you would be surprised about all the possibilities and chances that can come by with just smiling as often as possible.

Of course, it needs to be genuine and not a fake one, but you get the idea. As Bob Marley said, “The most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile,” and this couldn’t be more true, but with just one alteration, it works for both genders.

Dental hygiene and teeth whitening


Since we brought up a smile, our teeth are crucial to it and from both the aspect of our health and our looks. Good dental hygiene should be number one on our to-do list, health-wise. It’s because dental problems can further cause many other health problems, conditions, and complications.

Furthermore, it could also make us feel uncomfortable when talking to other people. That is why going to your dentist appointments is so significant, as once you have good, strong, and healthy teeth, you can start thinking about getting professional teeth whitening.

Unlike other things we do for our looks, this one can actually make a difference, and even though some are skeptics or afraid that this procedure can somehow damage our teeth, in reality, the procedure is performed and done under the supervision of a dental professional, making it safe and effective at the same time.

The only question now is about how often you should do so, but that and much more about professional teeth whitening you will find out by either checking, or keep reading as we will further discuss this topic.

The teeth condition


First of all, we need to mention that this procedure gives the best results if it is performed on healthy teeth, and if they are not in the best condition, it is most likely that the professional will refuse to do it.

Well, that means if you want to have nice and white teeth, you need to keep them healthy, or there is no dentist that will try to whiten them. The only way to achieve that is to go on regular checkups and cleanings and, of course, to brush teeth every morning and evening.

People with good dental hygiene without cavity and staining problems can visit the dentist twice a year, and it is enough.

On the other side, those with a high risk of cavities need to see them at least once in six months to make sure that their dental hygiene is at the best possible level.

Whitening is not the same as cleaning


Many people are not sure what whitening actually is, so they think it is the same thing as cleaning.

Well, the truth is pretty different, and although our teeth look so shiny and clean after whitening, these are two different processes. When it comes to cleaning, we need to do it often, and it represents removing the cavity and stains to improve our dental health.

On the other side, the whitening process is something much different, and although our teeth look much healthier once it is done, it is not a part of our health routine. It is much more a beauty treatment, and we need to perform it separately and, what is more important, after cleaning.

Teeth are sensitive after the treatment


Keep in mind that this procedure is not too naive, and teeth might be pretty sensitive after it. It can easily weaken the natural strength of teeth because of strong chemicals that need to be used to remove all possible stains, and because of that, it is crucial to listen to the dentist’s advice. They will check our dental health and see of often we can and should perform this treatment to get the optimal results and keep our dental health on a high level.

How to make the results last longer

There are a few ways to make the whitening results last longer, and we will mention some of them to help you enjoy a white and amazing smile for as long as it is possible. The first of them is to drink more water because it can rinse all the stains from dark-colored food and drinks, and it will help you to remain healthy.

You can also use water to rinse the mouth after coffee, wine, and other food and drink that can leave dark stains on your teeth. Another great option is to use a straw when it is possible because, in that way, the colored drinks will not touch your teeth, and there will not be a reason to worry about the color change.

Dental hygiene is the most important, and we cannot find an excuse not to brush our teeth regularly, so it is our last piece of advice.

To summarize

It is difficult to say what is the optimal time for this treatment, but many experts agree that it is not the best idea to perform it more than twice a year.

Because of that, the best solution is to maintain dental hygiene and make the treatment last as long as it is possible.