Add a Dental Check-Up to Your New Year’s Resolution

As the New Year is drawing closer and closer, and while we are waiting for the horrible 2024 to finally end, you probably have your New Year’s resolution list ready and waiting. And usually, the first things that go up on the list are either eating healthily, putting in more hours for working out during an average week, practicing some meal prep activities, and of course, trying your best to save more money. However, a lot of people forget about the basic health needs of a working, adult human. For example, a dental check-up never seems to make the cut and finally appear on the all-important list. Oral health should be something that also goes to your New Year’s resolution and an important one at that. If you are interested in doing it a little different and take better care of your teeth this New Year, these five resolutions can make the journey easier and more pleasurable for you.

Call your dentist and book an appointment

A year can pass by without a dental visit, even a couple of them, but should it? It is something that is very common unfortunately but to avoid this and have better oral health and hygiene you should ensure that you have a yearly appointment booked and ready at the start of every new year. A dental check-up is the best thing you can do for better oral care. If you have some bleeding gums or sensitive teeth, this is as clear of an indication as you can get to visits the dentist and get an expert opinion.

Try to develop a flossing habit

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Brushing your teeth twice a day is something most of us have been accustomed to over the years since it is how our parents raised us and what we were taught. However, this is not enough on its own if you wish to keep your teeth healthy. Plaque builds up in the corners of your teeth and gums, in areas your brush can never really reach. With flossing, you can reach these tricky places and get the build-up of food out of your mouth. If flossing has not been your thing so far in life, then you should really try and include this in your New Year’s resolution and start doing it a few times a day. Most people do it right before brushing their teeth.

Try and cut back on sugar

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This can also fall under the “eating healthier and staying fit” resolution, but it will also benefit the health of your teeth and mouth in general. A study conducted on the matter showed that there is a link between the amount of sugar you take and tooth decay. Therefore, once the New Year rolls around, if you can cut back on sugar, it could drastically reduce your risk of tooth decay. The easy way to go about this is to cut on those sweet treats, and instead reach for healthier snack options. When the sweet tooth craving hits, do not fall back to your habits and get chocolate, but instead chew on sugar-free gums, take some fruit or nuts. One of the worst things related to too much sugar are soda drinks, and people who usually do not eat sweets can still have teeth problems from sugary drinks.

Try and kick the ultimate bad habit

Smoking is just as bad as taking sugary meals and some argue this might be a little worse as it doubles your risk of getting gum disease. We must not of course forget the whole list of health issues it also brings along, not necessarily relating to our topic today. Just pick the date you want to kick this habit out, then ensure you do a proper clean out of all tobacco products in your house, office, and car. Tidy your house, vacuum and dust it for ash particles, and let some fresh air into your home until you can no longer smell tobacco. In case you cannot do this journey alone, try to get some help from your family and friends. They will help you once they see how serious you are about it. The craving will creep in once in a while, but with a healthy set of rules and practices, you will know exactly how to distract your mind.

Eat mouth health foods

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Eating healthier foods will help in reducing sugar intake and make you full, eliminating the need for a sweet treat after a complete meal. What is more, this will be a two in one resolution as it will help with eating healthy and keeping your teeth healthy at the same time. Load up on calcium to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Taking dairy products every day is the best way to do this. Plenty of other foods are great for mouth and teeth health. What you will also want to eliminate is too hot and too cold food and drinks as they can really damage your teeth and the nerves inside them.

Conclusion and Takeaways

All in all, it should be your absolute mission to prioritize health each new year. You will not only get a better chance at a longer life but a happier one as well. When making your list of resolutions this year, ensure you are making them as easy as possible too. You do not want to spend a ton of time on something if it can be achieved more efficiently and quickly. Regarding the dentist check-up, pick the dentist in your area, a friend you know who has their dentistry, or a well-known professional in your town. Doing this will make it easier for you to stick to them throughout the year and not skip them because they are hard and challenging. Take it one day at a time, and if you forget to floss or end up eating candy, do not give up thinking the whole year is ruined. You can always try again and get back to it, this time with a slightly larger dose of willpower and perseverance.