Process of Taking Canadian Visa in 2024

Whatever our nationality, the passports of our country allow us to enter various other countries without applying for a visa. However, for most countries, you need a visa, and the reasons are many. There were probably a lot of illegal stays in the country after free entry and other unauthorized actions, so a certain state had to introduce a visa regime for people who are not their residents.

A visa is a permit to enter the territory and stay there for a certain period of time, for as long as the visa has been issued to you. Also, the number of entries may be limited. The last check is always done by immigration officers at the border and they have the right not to allow entry even though the visa has been approved. However, this rarely happens. There are various types. Tourism, sponsorship, immigration, refugee.

Today we will explain to you the process of applying for a Canadian visa, and above all for the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), for which you can apply if you come to Canada by air and if your country has an agreement with Canada on eTA regime.

About Canadian visas

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Although Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is primary for ours today’s text, we will first briefly tell you about the visas required to enter Canada. Residents of over one hundred and fifty countries around the world need a permit to enter Canada. Visit, work, immigration are some of the most common reasons, but there are various other types of visas you can apply for. There are clearly defined application procedures for each type. You first need to know which type you are applying for so as not to waste time. Canadian Temporary resident permits last six months to a year, but it makes a difference whether they are single entry or multiple. Single entry allows one entry, staying up to a maximum of six months. Multiple options allows you to enter multiple times while eTa is valid and stay temporarily.

Temporary or permanent

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The main difference is whether it is temporary or permanent. It can be temporary for various needs. Tourism, diplomacy, business, for people who want to work temporarily, for organ donors, students and many others. There are various types to make it easier for you who apply and to make it easier for government officials to view a large number of applications.

Permanent are for those who have decided to stay permanently in Canada. There are various conditions, and the easiest is to be granted the status of the permanent resident if you are an investor or starting a start up. Also if you already have a contracted job or are self-employed. There is a high probability that you will have to have a sponsor, who will guarantee for your expenses, such as medical expenses. Permanent is not easy to obtain, and it is easier to obtain if you plan to settle in less developed regions of the country.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

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It cannot be considered a real visa, but rather a travel document for people from countries that do not have to apply for a special permit to enter Canada. It is a quick approval that allows you to board a flight, as it is only valid if you enter by air. Since it is electronic, you will not have a stamp in the passport, but it will be electronically connected to the passport, so the customs service will have the insight that your eTA has been approved. Valid for a maximum of 5 years or until the expiration of the passport. If the passport expires, you must apply for a new one. During a given period, you can enter the country an unlimited number of times and stay for up to 6 months. However, eTA does not guarantee 100 percent that you will be allowed to enter at the border because customs officers can ban you from entering, which is very rare for citizens of countries that can apply for eTA.

Citizens of which countries can apply?

There is a list on the official website, and it is mainly members of the European Union, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and several other island states.


You must be of legal age or have parental approval. Then you must have enough money in your account and that you do not have a criminal record. You also have a valid passport and that you do not have underlying medical conditions, which can lead to high treatment costs during your stay. And you have to prove that you intend to go back to where you came from, by proving connections to the country you come from so that they are sure you are not planning to stay illegal and work or study. A to be a resident of the above-mentioned countries.

How do I apply?

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It is a very simple process that you apply for on the official website or any other safe websites like where you will finish the whole process even faster. It will take you less than ten minutes to fill out the form and if you do not have any additional documents that need consideration, it often happens that you receive an email confirmation within the same hour. If there is additional documentation, then you will wait. In that case, wait with the purchase of an air ticket and the reservation of accommodation, in case you are rejected. eTA is very cheap and costs only 7 CAD. You need a passport and a payment card to fill it out. Be sure to enter the number of the correct passport number and double-check which number you entered when you receive the confirmation. Because if you typed wrong, you will be prohibited from entering the country when you arrive at the airport. If you see an error in the confirmation, sign up for a new eTA.


Whatever type of visa or permit you apply for, we advise you to do so on time. Don’t wait for the last day before the trip, as you may lose money or have to change your plans.