7 Tips for Preparing for the Citizenship Test- 2024 Guide

No matter how elderly you get, preparing for a test about which you have no idea what will be asked on the paper and can be challenging in the interview. The same goes for the Australian Citizenship Test or ACT. We have seen students studying really hard for Board Test but no matter how good they have prepared themselves, getting some idea about the questions is always there wish. And of course, there are seniors or the people who have already given the same test to guide them and mark some questions as ‘important’ This is what we are here for today if you are willing to take an Australian Citizenship Test.

However, the Australian Citizenship or Point Test for Permanent Residency will be straightforward for those who have prepared themselves well. So, if you want to get clear guidelines, a test sample, and help in passing it with flying colors, visit citizenshiptestaustralia.com.au for information.

To ensure you make yourself proud, here are seven tips that will help you to prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test-2021

1. Get all the information you need about it:

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If you are an applicant who is willing to get Australian citizenship, you will receive a resource book with a naturalization application. The resource booklet is your key to success, and one can pass the test by reading it. Following the latest rules set by the Australian Government, 75% is the passing criteria for individuals going through the whole test procedure. The citizenship test is conducted to assess the fluency of an individual in English and their ability to understand and speak English. As English is the national language of Australia, it is mandatory for its citizen to know English. In addition to this, the citizenship test is conducted to assess applicants’ knowledge about Australia’s values and literature.

2. A general overview of the test:

Before one sits to take the test, he must know the pattern of it. The ACT consists of an interview that is held first, followed by a written test. The age limit to appear in it is between 18 and 59. If a person is not required to sit in the test, they must go through the interview procedure like all the other applicants. Applicants under 18 years of age and above 60 are also required to appear for the interview. People who are to be called for interview will be sent an appointment letter. This is the general criteria, and an applicant applying for the citizenship test must have complete knowledge of it.

3. Preparation for the written test:

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There are books that you can turn to for general knowledge and specific websites that can give you an idea about the questions that will be asked. In addition to this, when an applicant is to appear for it, he will be checked for the original documents and the identity of proof. And suppose the applicant is aged 16 to 17 years old. In that case, he has to confirm his identity, check his original documents, have a strong background in English, have a thorough and full understanding of the concept of Australian citizenship, and all the responsibilities and privileges that come with getting the citizenship of Australia.

4. The procedure for applicants over 60 years:

If you are an applicant who is aged 60 years or above, you will get an invitation for the interview, and he will confirm his identity and original documents will be checked. The purpose of the interview is the same; to assess your understanding of the meaning of becoming an Australian citizen and the responsibilities and privileges that come with Australian citizenship.

5. Things you must bring to the interview:

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Before going for the interview, you must keep your original documents prepared as certified copies of the documents are not accepted. You will be required to bring the original documents, the copy you submitted with the application form, and original identity documents. If one fails to bring all the required documents, their date of interview will be changed.

6. Who can bypass the test?

The specifications laid by the American citizenship test board confirms that the following people can bypass the test.

  • People who are under 18 years of age at the time of application.
  • People who are 60 years of age or above at the time of application
  • People who became citizens of another country after achieving adulthood and lost their Australian citizenship
  • People who are born in Australia to an Australian citizenship
  • People born before 1975 in Papua to an Australian citizen

7. Time and location for the test:

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After the applications of all the applicants are assessed, the Australian citizenship board makes appointments. The date and time of the appointment are then informed to the applicants accordingly. If someone cannot make it at the scheduled appointment time, he can reschedule by following the steps specified in the appointment letter. All the appointments are held at the department office in the capital cities of Australia and Department offices of human services in regional areas of Australia.

The tips mentioned above will get you fully prepared for the Australian citizenship test as they are based on criteria laid down by the Australian citizenship board. Read the resource booklet and strengthen your background in English, and you are good to go.

Radulovic Jovica
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