How to Play Safely in Online Casinos

The digital age has made it possible for people to enjoy playing casino games from the comfort of their homes. You no longer need to visit conventional brick-and-mortar casinos to indulge in your favorite entertainment. Simply sign up at the best Indian casino online, register, and get started on your chosen device by downloading the app. But, considering that you will be playing with real money and connecting a payment method, is this really safe? What are the steps you should take to play safely in online casinos? Read ahead to find out.

Search and Research


Since you’re staking real money, the first step to take is to do background research into the array of platforms available on the internet. Most legit sites are supported by blogs and POVs (points of view). You can read up on current players’ opinions and learn about their experiences with the portal. Keep an eye out for payment issues, security concerns, and any other potential red flags. If you intend to play a specific game that interests you, look for reviews about that game. Once you zero in on a suitable website, you can visit it to scout your options. Make sure the interface is interactive and easy to understand and navigate.

Check Licensing and Registration

Legit gambling websites and online casinos are registered with a credentialed commission. When you browse the site, it will clearly display the location where it is registered, along with the numbers for verification. You will also see the commission’s logo that you can click on to visit the official website. Also, look for the license number to confirm that it is government-approved. You might also want to check if the gambling platform is approved in your state and the relevant laws to learn more about it.

Beware of Cybercrime


Cybercrime is a real threat when conducting business online, and gambling portals are no different. Be extremely wary about giving out personal information when registering on the site. Using a third-party payment method is always advisable to secure your payments and withdrawals. When interacting with other players, never give out your real name, address, phone number, or email address.

Watch out for phishing risks, and never download files or open emails that unknown people send you. Also, refrain from clicking on unfamiliar links. Not only do you risk downloading malware and Trojans that can damage your device, but you could also lose money.

Secure Your Privacy with a VPN

Each time you log into a gambling website, it gets access to your IP address and location. But you can secure your identity and play anonymously. To do that, it is advisable to use a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN is entirely legal, and you can get both free and paid-for accounts. The charges are very nominal, and paying for an account gives you an added layer of security. If you’re using a VPN, any hackers trying to break into your device will find it hard to get through. Most importantly, always enjoy your casino games using a device you own, instead of a public computer.

Ensure Your Payment Method is Reliable


A reliable online casino website will have SSL encryption that you can verify, and list all the relevant security protocols it follows to keep players safe. Even so, you’ll choose your payment methods wisely depending on the location where you’re playing from. Avoid linking your bank account directly; instead, use a third-party payment portal that makes it easier to track transactions. Consider using a credit card, like MasterCard or Visa. Indians can choose PayTM, GooglePay, or any Unified Payment Interface (UPI). Although there might be some delays in processing times, your money is more secure.

Keep Your Account Secure

When you sign up on the online casino website, you will be asked to register using a username and password. Always keep these details secure and accept the two-factor authentication for logging into your account when playing. Using a PIN in addition to your password adds to security. Even if hackers decipher your password, getting the PIN from your email or phone number can be tricky. That’s how you can protect your account from data breaches.

Be Wary of Chat Rooms

Most online casino games have chat rooms where you can talk to the dealer and interact with other players. Be wary of making friends with strangers. Use pseudonyms and aliases to avoid giving out your real identity. Never upload a real picture, but use a digital avatar instead.

Playing games in online casinos can be fun and exciting, but only as long as you stay secure and protected. Be aware of the possible pitfalls and learn how to avoid them before signing up on a portal that interests you.

Stefan Djuric
Stefan Djuric

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