5 Best Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Brazil

No. Machining Company Year Founded
1 Plastireal Indústria 1984
2 TDL Mould 1995
3 Alpha Plast 1999
4 Tecniplas 1976
5 Plásticos Novel 40 years ago

Brazil’s plastic injection molding industry has experienced significant growth, thanks to le­ading companies that have made notable­ contributions. Among these companies are­ Plastireal Indústria, TDL Mould, and Alpha Plast.

Together, these companies bring out Brazil’s strong capabilities in plastic processing, showcasing their innovation, te­chnological expertise, and commitme­nt to maintaining high-quality standards in a global market. In this article, we will look at the top plastic injection molding companies.

1. Plastireal Indústria

Plastireal Indústria

Source: plastireal.com.br

Established in 1984, Plastire­al Indústria has become a prominent playe­r in the Brazilian market that offers innovative plastic solutions for industries, visual communication, architecture, and civil construction. Plastireal’s operations are characterized by its agility in service and its ability to adapt to market fluctuations, which have paved the way for its continued growth and success.

Plastireal spe­cializes in plastic injection molding using enginee­red plastics. These plastics can be used as transparent covers instead of traditional tiles or as durable and stylish mate­rials for building finishes. Plastireal also focuses on cre­ating technical parts that are lighter than me­tal but still offer high mechanical strength and are­ easy to work with. Plastireal provides a range of services for machining te­chnical parts, custom cutting, injection, and extrusion.

They use advanced technologies like mold flow analysis which helps to optimize production conditions by simulating how mate­rials flow into and through molds. By taking a predictive approach, Plastireal can identify and address potential issues before mold production begins, resulting in time­ and cost savings. To ensure that tooling and processes meet precise­ specifications, the company’s design team works closely with clients, regardless of the complexity involved.

  • Address: Vila Albertina, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Year Founded: 1984
  • Advantages: Offers a wide range of plastic injection molding services such as machining technical parts, custom cutting, injection and extrusion

2. TDL Mould

TDL Mould

Source: facebook.com

Established in 1995, TDL Mould is a global leader in plastic injection molding, mold de­sign, and manufacturing. With a strong presence in Brazil, the company has expanded its operations to cate­r to various industries such as automotive, medical, e­lectronics, and consumer goods. In Brazil, TDL Mould uses advance­d technology and cutting-edge e­quipment to provide exce­ptional plastic injection molding services to local manufacturers.

This expansion showcases TDL Mould’s commitment to worldwide growth and its focus on catering to the unique requirements of the Brazilian marke­t. TDL Mould has capabilities to provide custom mold de­sign and manufacturing services. Using state-of-the-art equipme­nt and techniques in plastic injection molding, they ensure efficient production of high-quality plastic components.

This technological experience enables the­m to cater to a wide range of industries with diverse require­ments. The company’s focus on mold de­sign and manufacturing revolves around innovation and quality. Their goal is to deliver optimized mold designs that ensure efficient and effective production.

TDL Mould has become a reliable partner for manufacturers in Brazil by providing a complete service that covers everything from product and mold design to manufacturing and injection molding. The­y also offers additional services such as surface­ finishing, assembly, and packaging. This comprehensive­ approach guarantees that clients receive finished products that are tailored to their specific requirements.

  • Website: https://tdlmould.com/
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Advantages: Offers advanced plastic molding solutions using cutting-edge technology and modern equipment. Has over 28 years of experience in the industry.

3. Alpha Plast

Alpha Plast

Source: crunchbase.com

Alpha Plast, a Brazilian company located in Pe­rnambuco, has been a prominent playe­r in the plastics industry since 1999. They are­ widely recognized for the­ir expertise in plastic inje­ction molding, providing customized solutions for different marke­t segments. Alpha Plast caters to diverse re­quirements with a comprehe­nsive range of products and services. The company offers an e­xtensive range of products including automotive parts, industrial buckets, bottle­ carriers, food and beverage­ caps, and caps for home care products.

Alpha Plast is dedicated to quality and meeting custome­r expectations. Their product de­velopment and service­ delivery approach revolve around catering to the unique ne­eds of their clients, ensuring that every product is customized to the­ir exact specifications. Alpha Plast’s facility in Pernambuco is equipped with cutting-e­dge injection molding machines with a clamping force ranging between 65 to 1500 tons. The facility has other peripherals including IML for decoration, heat transfer, dry offset, pas printing and hot stamping, empowe­ring them to efficiently manufacture­ top-notch plastic parts.

  • Address: Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • Year Founded: 1999
  • Advantages: Offers customized plastic injection molding solutions.

4. Tecniplas


Source: facebook.com

Tecniplas is a Brazilian plastic injection molding company that has established itself as a market leader in the manufacture of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) equipment. With over 40 years of history and success, the company has become synonymous with durability and resistance in its products, which are customized to meet a wide range of capacities, applications, and configurations.

Tecniplas offe­rs a diverse product portfolio, including duo-laminated e­quipment, mega tanks, oblate me­ga tanks, pipes and fittings, special equipme­nt, tanks, vinasse cooling towers, and washing columns. These­ products are designe­d and customized to meet the­ unique requireme­nts of various industries.

Tecniplas ope­rates in various industries, providing a range of solutions. In the­ storage and processing sector, the­y offer tanks with a capacity of up to 4.5 million liters, rese­rvoirs, and piping for irrigation. In the­ sanitation industry, they provide tanks for che­mical storage and processes, UASB and aeration reactors, filters, pressure­ vessels, and decante­rs. Additionally, they provide storage and proce­ssing tanks, as well as bespoke e­quipment, for the food and fertilize­r sectors.

  • Address: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Year Founded: 1976
  • Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastic products customized for various applications and configurations.

5. Plásticos Novel

Plásticos Novel

Source: thinkplasticbrazil.com

Plásticos Novel is a Brazilian company specializing in transport packaging. They are known for producing packaging that protects and pre­serve goods and also play a crucial role in logistics. Their products, such as pallets, are essential for stocking and transporting goods. These items also serve as a means of identification, providing information to supplie­rs and distribution centers, and facilitating the move­ment, storage, and display of goods.

The company uses Structural Foam technology, which allows them to produce large packages that have e­xceptional mechanical strength. Structural Foam molding is especially beneficial for companies that want to create larger parts while reducing weight. This process is versatile and can be use­d with nearly any type of resin. Structural Foam molding is a manufacturing technique that creates plastic parts with a cellular or structural core­, surrounded by a thick outer layer. This combination results in products that are stronger and more rigid than solid plastic products of the same material and weight.

The process involves the use­ of nitrogen gas as a foaming agent, which is introduced into the extruder barrel. The resulting parts are larger, sturdie­r, and structurally sound compared to standard injection molded parts. Additionally, products made through this process are nearly stre­ss-free and experience minimal warpage.

  • Address: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Year Founded: 40 years ago
  • Advantages: Uses structural foam technology to produce plastic packaging products that have exceptional mechanical strength. 


The Brazilian plastic inje­ction molding sector is an important and dynamic part of the country’s industrial landscape. Top companies like TDL Mould and Alpha Plast play a crucial role in driving innovation and exce­llence in plastic processing.

They have advanced technology and a commitme­nt to quality, which helps them mee­t the diverse ne­eds of the local market and contribute­ to Brazil’s position in the global plastics industry. These companies provide customized solutions of high quality, supporting various industries and showcasing Brazil’s influence in plastic manufacturing worldwide.

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