How Long Should You Study to Pass Life In The UK Test?

Moving to the UK and settling a life out there have been the dreams of many. People strive hard to achieve their ultimate dream of getting citizenship in the UK, but only a few make it. Life in the UK test is what will help you get there. This is an exclusive official government service for booking the Life in the UK Test. You must appear for the test as part of your application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK. Let’s get further insight into the Life in the UK Test, prerequisites to take the test, exam details, and tips and tricks to pass the test.

About Life In The UK Test


Getting British citizenship is not a cakewalk. An applicant should possess all the traits which make the applicant a perfect fit for the country. You have to put every ounce of your hard work and determination into fixing a permanent seat in the UK. Anyone who wishes to make a life in the UK has to know the English language and Life in the United Kingdom. They can either take a special ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course or go for the Life in the UK test.

The test is a compendium of facts about the UK, including its local customs and traditions, the history of the United Kingdom, and the laws and political systems that govern it.

Eligibility Requirements

To take the Life in the UK test, you must qualify for the following requirements –

  • Applicants must follow the minimum requirements to be eligible for the test.
  • Visa holders other than tourist visas can apply for the exam.
  • If you have lived in the UK for five years, you can apply for the exam.
  • If you are born in the UK, it depends on the applicant’s parent’s circumstances.

What Are The Exemptions To Taking The Life In The UK Test?


There are very few exemptions that Life in the UK test offers. People under 18 years of age or over 65 years are exempted. However, no exemptions are provided for long residence and if you have a certain level of qualification or have invested money in the UK. Some of the exemptions include,

  • A person suffering from a prolonged or permanent mental or physical condition.
  • Any long-term illness restricts a person’s mobility to take a language course.
  • Any mental impairment which restricts the person from learning any other language.

Where Can You Take The Life In The UK Test?

You must use the official booking website to book the test for Life in the UK. There are nearly 60 test centers in the UK, out of which you can choose any five closest to where you reside. But if the center is not close to your preferred place, you will not be allowed to sit for the exam, and no refund will be given to you. Therefore, the applicant needs to make sure that the center is available in and around the applicant’s geographical area. You’ll be given a choice of testing centers when you book the exam. You must book your test 3 days before the exam. Visit this website and practice to pass the exam.

What Will Happen If You Qualify For The Test?


You should score at least 75% or more to qualify for the test. You’ll receive a pass notification letter once you clear the exam. You need to send the original pass letter with your citizenship or settlement application to prove you passed.

If you lost your original letter, immediately contact the Home Office. They will not provide you with a new or duplicate one but will surely direct you on what to do and what can be done in such a case.

If You Fail The Test

If you failed the Life in the UK test for some reason or other, you don’t have to panic and worry. Some things can be done to redeem and reappear for the exam. You can try this test as long as you stay in the UK. The test will not be void in this circumstance.

How Many Times Can You Go For An Exam Retake?

You can appear for the exam as many times as you want. You can do this until you clear the exam. If you are still interested, try again. The only thing the exam asks for is determination and money. As long as you have both to invest in it, nothing can halt you. You have to pay 50 pounds each time you appear for the test. Remember to wait for the next seven days from your previous exam to apply or reappear.

How To Prepare For The Life In The UK Test?


Like everything, you need a list of a few things in your hand while you make up your mind to study. You need to follow the right steps to lead you to your desired result, which is- cracking the Life in the UK Exam.

  • Step 1: Organize your study space.

Before preparing for the exam, it is pivotal to organize your study space. This is the first and most important step while an applicant prepares for the exam. You should have enough space to keep your textbooks and sometimes spread them on the table. Try to get all the distractions out of your sight to focus solely on your preparation. Distraction could be subjective. For someone, it could be silence, whereas, for others, background music can help but with a minimal sound.

  • Step 2: Highlight the key pointers.

Since the Life in the UK exam revolves around the UK- its cultures, values, traditions, etc., it becomes important to highlight the important details in the syllabus. Creating highlights helps you realize that the topic is important just by looking at it. Therefore, you need to highlight common exam questions to give a detailed look while studying for the exam.

  • Step 3: Perform practice tests

Performing practice tests can give you an upper hand while preparing for the exam. Whether online or offline, practice tests can help the applicant know what exam questions can be. It also helps in building the confidence of the applicant. Though there is no access to official questions before the exam, you can, and you have to depend on these practice papers.

  • Step 4: Organize a study group

    with friends.

Organize a group study session with your friends. Your friends may have answers to questions you are looking for and vice versa. This idea of group study can be beneficial since you are challenging yourself to study with your friends under the same roof for a fixed period.

  • Step 5: Take frequent breaks

You must take time to pamper yourself and not just hunch over books like a bookworm. Do not feel guilty for taking breaks. So to manage time, it is important to build a schedule to balance preparation with leisure.

  • Step 6: Books and periodicals

Life in the UK test is a hard nut to crack. You are deemed to keep knowledge of every little thing about the UK. Applicants can refer to many books that can be beneficial for the applicant during the actual exam. Some of the books which are helpful for the Life in the UK exam are –

Once you are ready to take your test, make sure you have completed all the practice questions to pass with confidence!

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