4 Decorative Paint Finishes You Need In Your Space Right Now in 2024

LA’s most trusted decorative paint manufacturer is rolling out the red carpet for this season’s best decorative paint finishes.

Meoded Paint and Plaster started writing history 40 years ago in Europe introducing the Italian Renaissance and mashing it with modern-day needs and trends. Beauty and a high-quality construction set them apart from others and they quickly became sought-for masters. Soon after they moved their business overseas finding new customers hungry for the superior work to be implemented into their homes. Meoded, so far, is the sole manufacturer of authentic lime-based zero VOC wet decorative plasters. The environmentally friendly company with a sophisticated taste, featuring the Venetian plaster and special effects paint, like metallic paint, glitter paint, and sapphire metallic paint, will transform any wall surface.

Whether or not you’ve heard of Meoded Paint and Plaster is largely irrelevant- because they know you. Or at least, understand the modern style and design needs. Especially for those of us who are finally getting around to updating our spaces. With lockdown measures locked in, many of us are looking for a home update that we can do ourselves and doesn’t come with nosebleed prices. Here are their top 4 choices of modern decorative paint finishes to help make your home that much brighter.

Decorative Plaster: Concrete Plaster

img source: paradisestudiosart.com

Decorative plaster is on-trend right now. Maybe it’s because it can totally transform an entire space, or maybe- because even completely novice DIYers can use the newer formulas that are being produced. Concrete plaster is super easy to apply, even if you’ve never worked with it in the past, and the results are absolutely jaw-dropping. Natural texture statement walls are a huge element at the base of a ton of different design themes. Warming up deep industrial color palettes, or bringing in a refreshing raw natural appeal into minimalism or Scandinavian designs.

Concrete plaster does a lot heavier lifting than just a plain concrete-effect wall. Using different colors, ways of texturing the surface, and application techniques, this stuff can mimic several different high-end wall treatments. Added bonus? If you’re looking for a contemporary look, concrete plaster is super forgiving, and any screw-ups actually make for some beautiful design.

Decorative Plaster: Venetian Plaster

img source: thespruce.com

Venetian plaster is easily the chameleon of the decorative paint and plaster world. Popularized well before contemporary society was a thing, applying this particular finish used to be a nightmare, something that only skilled professionals would ever use. But, Venetian plaster has come a long way since its humble beginnings and it’s not only simple to apply, but can also produce some really unique results. Giving a brushed, sandstone finish or mimicking marble. Bringing in a cool, clean texture to your space.

To apply, no 18th-century artisan needed, just a clean flat surface, free of any cracks or holes, a putty knife, and a rock-solid plan. Depending on the look you’re going for, Venetian plaster can also be used to mimic a number of different closely building materials: like tile and wood planking. Seal it with wax for a brilliant, glossy finish, or throw in metallics to create something entirely unique.

Decorative Paint Finishes: Suede Metallic Finish

A decorative paint finish that sounds a bit bougie, but can be applied in so many different ways. A suede metallic finish gives that buffed look a bit of bulk. Adding a completely different dimension to the entire room. By reflecting light and drawing the eye, suede metallic finishes can bring even the darkest colors to life which is a huge bonus considering the deep trends that are a massive part of the 2024-2024 interior palette.

Not to worry, that suede effect that was all over your mother-in-law’s walls, circa 1997 is no longer the go-to look. Metallic paints have long been highly toxic and relatively hard to keep safely in the home, but with this burgeoning trend driving innovation, entire lines of eco-friendly and health-conscious paints have been created. Making it easy to get the elegance of a suede metallic finish all by yourself- without specialized equipment.

Decorative Paint Finishes: Glitter Paint Finish

img source: thepaintshop.ca

Okay, so this one is something that is just so rarely considered outside of that super boutique shabby chic look, but honestly, Meoded brings what we think of as a bit tired and a bit childish- to a whole new level. The paint and plaster masterminds have come up with a product called Cassiopeia. Now, the title itself literally translates to “Queen” but you will seriously feel those vibes with this glitter paint gone grown-up.

The paint contains clear, crushed glass flakes to create an insanely icy finish. Glittering like a diamond without feeling like you’re in the middle of a wedding proposal. This sophisticated decorative paint finish is the perfect accent to cool greys or deeper colors, as it brightens up the room by really throwing around some serious light. Adding just a touch of glamour and genuinely expensive feel to any room, all without completely blowing your budget.

Meoded today has an army of satisfied customers around the world. Their name in the industry became a synonym for quality work and unique patterns. The company started as a family business and kept that personalized feeling until today. Every customer is appreciated given time of day to fulfill their needs and wants. Meoded can also help their customers with the right choice of tools and decorative materials. It really is more than just paint. It’s an artistic approach in order to make living spaces more inviting. The right paint choice can transform a house into a home and make it cheery and enjoyable.

There is no job big or small for this family-owned company. Even though you might have a feeling you walked into a corporate enterprise, you will still get a customized experience that will make the process quick and easy. They will take the stress away and make freshening up your home a blissful experience.