3 Effective Packaging Solutions In The eCommerce Industry – 2024 Guide

The needs of modern consumer society have conditioned the wider needs of modern customers. With the development of technology, we have improved another branch of trading – the eCommerce. The scale of using this type of service today is so great – that when ordering online customers are completely focused on the product, so they do not think much about packaging. This is what you who deal with eCommerce should think about. Why? Because bad packaging will cost you dearly. Therefore, we present you with 3 effective packaging solutions in the eCommerce industry.

What Is eCommerce?

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Shopping online can be the fastest and often cheapest way to buy a product. Online shopping is considered the most profitable form of trading due to its simplicity and low cost. Shopping is possible at any time of the day or night, there are no restrictions only on shoppers from the neighborhood, etc. Wherever it is, a retailer by placing its product on the Internet allows other Internet users to see its product – even if they are thousands of miles away. Click here to learn how to start eCommerce business from scratch.

Does eCommerce Require Big Investments?

Establishing a classic retail chain requires large investments in infrastructure, space, employees, shipping, packaging, and related equipment. These are huge investments if you want to sell in a large area. Organizing Internet retail is much cheaper since all physical stores are replaced by one Internet site. There are many great companies, like ShipExpert, to help you with saving some money on shipping costs. Online stores have experienced their expansion in America and Europe – and more and more new companies are launching online stores with the classic form of trade. With the advent of virtual stores on the Internet, a new “online” market has been created that knows no boundaries. More than 300 million people worldwide currently access the global computer network.

What Is Important In Online Store Business?

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After customers have experienced all the key benefits of online shopping, such as a wide range of goods, shopping at any time of the day or night, payment by card or cash on delivery and home delivery, will they return to traditional retail shopping? Only if you don’t give them what you promised. The quality of the goods, but also the reliable packaging in which the goods are delivered, are crucial for success in e-Commerce. Finally, your customers react when they receive a damaged product. And this significantly: between 30 and 50% of them stop ordering or order less.

Why Is Packaging So Important?

Poor quality packaging fails to protect its contents and is a great danger to your reputation and sales. Not only that, but it also affects your e-commerce supply chain: 20-30% of shipped items are returned, and up to 70% are from the fashion and retail sectors. Fortunately, it is easier to avoid than you think such typical mistakes regarding packaging. You just need to know how to do it. Therefore, we present you with 3 effective packaging solutions in the eCommerce industry.

1. Printed Shipping Boxes

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We all love that the products we order online arrive safely, undamaged – and in decent packaging. Therefore, branded packaging is almost a must-have. The most commonly seen packaging in this regard is a printed branded box. This is also one of the most common choices of eCommerce business owners. These boxes are usually made of corrugated cardboard that can be in different thicknesses – but also various colors. These boxes can be printed in a simple design, can be made to measure depending on the product you are packing – and are environmentally friendly material that can be recycled later. The boxes can be ordinary or specially designed for the product that is packed in them. For example, they can contain a special insert on the inside, or they can be embellished by adding matte or glossy details. When it comes to printing, stick to a simple rule – it’s a monochrome print. That way, you’ll be able to print a larger series – and the cost per box will be lower.

2. Mailing Bags

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Although today we are becoming more environmentally conscious and use fewer plastic bags – we still have to admit that this type of packaging is very convenient for products we order online. Therefore, it is not surprising that plastic bags are a very common choice of many companies engaged in online trade and shipping. The fact is that this type of packaging can be primarily attractive because you can print them in various colors and make it very attractive. According to HiBags, this packaging is very convenient for a certain type of product because it does not leak moisture. You can opt for the standing pouch variant, for example. These bags have a special way of closing because they mostly have sealing tapes. This gives you not only good protection of the delivered product – but it is also hermetically sealed, so products such as food will not have any contact with air, moisture, dust, etc.

3. Branded Envelopes

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Envelopes could be called a letter or document packaging. We use them when we want to send documents or letters by mail or deliver it to their recipient. The most commonly used envelope is popularly called – American form. Custom or personalized envelopes are the most common way of packaging when it comes to things such as books, scripts, or documents. They are very often used in business communication or correspondence with customers. For example, if you send your customers a new catalog for the next month – you will most likely use this method of packaging. Certainly, such envelopes must be branded, that is, they must have the logo of your eCommerce company. They can be made in different sizes and colors, and they can also look very attractive.


Today, in the expansion of businesses like eCommerce – the packaging is gaining an even more significant position than ever. Since this branch of trade involves sending packages around the world, the packaging is a very important factor in the success of your business. Keep in mind that during delivery, packages are very often carelessly thrown into the van, transported on gravel roads, and even fall during the delivery. In one such supply chain, reckon that there are many opportunities for damage to the products you supply, and this can be disastrous for your eCommerce business for e-Commerce check products provided by UTP Group. Therefore, the wise use of packaging is necessary as a guarantee of your successful business.