Forms of Outsourcing Used in Online Casino Industry

Businesses, especially big corporations, have increasingly embraced outsourcing as a way of realizing efficiency. It is necessary where there are lots of business activities to run at the same time. Some businesses contract their activities to third-party entities to save costs. In some cases, hiring another company to run part of your business activities helps maximize outreach to potential clients. It is especially necessary for this age of social media, where multichannel marketing is the best way of realizing a return on investment (RIO). This article delves into forms of outsourcing in the online casino industry. But first, let’s answer the big question.

Why Is Outsourcing Necessary in Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry relies heavily on outsourcing of both core and peripheral activities. Usually, outsourcing of gambling activities has more to do with the benefits than downsizes. While it comes with the risks of security breaches and managerial challenges, business process outsourcing (BPO) should be rigorous. Thus, when contracting a third party to undertake a few gambling activities, settle only the best. Moreover, a review of a company’s performance should play significance if you want to ensure excellent service delivery through outsourcing. According to South African Casino HEX, the best online casinos outsource some of their activities to gain a competitive advantage in an industry that keeps expanding.

The online casino industry has become more competitive than ever, especially after the outbreak of Coronavirus. Restricted movement of people to workplaces also means outsourcing helps bridge service delivery gaps between online casinos and their customers. Let’s now look at some forms of outsourcing that keep online casinos afloat even during the COVID-19 situation.


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Given the massive size of established online casinos, in-house marketing is a waste of resources. It is because marketing is not one-way traffic. Rather, it involves strategizing, piloting, and brand position. Needless to say, many other marketing functions cannot be undertaken internally because the process is time-consuming.

Thus, online casinos outsource marketing activities to public relations (PR) and branding companies to ensure ad placement efficiency in the media. Media, in this case, includes but is not limited to mainstream and social media. Moreover, gambling businesses undertake overt marketing through corporate social responsibility (CSR), which further requires extensive planning and execution by a third party.

Software Development

Gaming software is the mainstay of online casinos. The catch is that user-friendly software makes it easy to place bets and eliminates lags. Thus, online casinos that run on the best software attract a large clientele base. However, before outsourcing software development and management services, online casinos must undertake performance appraisals through which they contract only the best software providers.

In most cases, casino websites work with reputed software companies whose products support multiple payment options and gaming management systems. Given the technical requirements in both back-end and front-end software development, online casinos can hardly design and run their gaming software.

Moreover, even with the best in-house software developers on standby-by, it takes outsourcing of gaming software services to realize efficiency and seamless gaming. Note that you can always choose the best developer from among the many options. BetSoft, Evoplay, Microgaming, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play are examples of the best casino game developers to which online casinos can outsource software functions.

Customer Support

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Customer support is an indispensable function in online casinos. For most online gamblers, a casino website that does not have reliable and dependable customer support is not good enough. While it is not a heavy function, outsourcing customer support often attracts excellent results. Offshore outsourcing is particularly popular in this area. For example, customer support via international calls perfectly illustrates how online casinos engage the best experts in handling queries.

Email support can be outsourced to a company or an individual (s) to trim the costs of managing in-house customer service personnel. Also, note that most online casinos outsource live chat support to ensure non-interference in customer feedback. Outsourcing customer support activities has become even more necessary in this age of the gig economy. Virtual assistants are fast gaining traction as the most cost-effective way of managing customer queries in online casinos. As demand for multilingual customer support increases, contracting third parties in different parts of the world to run customer support functions is necessary.

Online Casino Promotions

With internet casinos fast replacing the brick and mortar variants, gamblers are no longer looking for gaming promotions in mainstream media. Today, the internet is flooded with web banners that promote gambling sites and their products. At the center of these promotions are companies that run advertisement campaigns for online casinos. It is a relentless activity that cannot be sustained in-house, given the need to stay relevant in the gaming world.

In a nutshell, outsourcing online casino promotional activities ensure uninterrupted Ad campaigns. It is also a cheaper way of reaching out to prospective customers. The creation of promotional banners is a good example of core functions that most online casinos outsource to third parties. Moreover, online casinos contract reputed companies or popular celebrities to run live promotions to realize more sign-ups.


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We live in a global village, and reaching out to every corner of the world is only a swipe/tap away. For online casinos, a global economy where gamblers can sign-up and play games from anywhere and anytime boils down to business process outsourcing. To keep online casinos running during this period of Coronavirus pandemic, outsourcing is even more necessary. And with the rising popularity of the eGaming industry, cost-cutting through outsourcing is every company’s goal.

Moreover, outsourcing helps expand business administrative tasks which would otherwise be frozen by lack of space and time. For some online casinos, to outsource means to create employment opportunities for remote workers. However, casinos that outsource some of their activities should equally weigh the downsides of doing so. For example, the quality of service delivery may fall sharply if a gambling entity contracts a payment processor with a questionable reputation.