Choosing The Right Outdoor Curtains To Save You Extra Electricity Bills

This isn’t the first time you hear that curtains can actually lower your electricity bills. It is one clever way to ensure that you use your HVAC system less, and that will affect the final bills a lot every month. You should check into Gexa Energy rates since they provide competitive pricing on electricity plans that won’t leave you surprised by a higher cost than anticipated and help you with energy bills. Previously, the indoor curtains were only considered to be the money-saving machine, but now, the outdoor ones are holding the same value that you might want to check.

Apart from being an attractive way to improve the present atmosphere of your place, curtains can be those window treatments, which will save you a lot on the coldest and warmest days of the year. If you are using curtains in the most energy-efficient manner, then you can save around 20% on your normal electricity bills. If you add those percentages up, you can very well realize the amount of money you will be saving at the end of every year!

The proper curtain for you to consider:

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Now, selecting the proper curtain style and the type and even the method of hanging seems really essential. Moreover, these outdoor curtains from are like an extra layer of privacy protection for your family. So, the amount you were saving with the indoor curtains just doubles that with the outdoor ones.

Energy-efficient curtains are available separately, and those are known to have a core of the dense material used for insulating. On the other hand, you are able to purchase curtains that will have an energy-saving lining. It has been coated right onto the backside of the fabric.

Moreover, you can purchase lining fabric as well, which is attached right behind your drapes for that extra layer of protection. In order to save the most energy, these curtains need to be mounted closer to the outdoor wall spaces. Reducing the amount of air between the curtain and window will help in preventing air from escaping from around the edges.

Selecting the right time of the day:

When the sun is out in the sky, make sure to open both the outdoor and indoor curtains to help natural heat penetrate through the windows. Solar energy can prove to be one powerful heater. However, leaving the curtains closed all the time will prevent heat from getting through, and that will cause some serious issues inside of your house. It can add more unwanted moisture, which will start ruining furniture and other pieces.

  • In order to maintain that much-needed privacy while also enjoying the healing benefits of the UV rays, you can hang a sheer second panel outside of your house, right behind the main curtain.
  • Pulling right back the heavy and protective drapery while leaving that sheer panel on will not just maintain a privacy barrier but won’t compromise the sunshine as well.
  • It is called double curtain and is gaining quite some popularity among those masses, willing to invest some money on the long-lasting and best outdoor curtain.
  • As you can understand from the name itself, here, there are two layers of fabric available, which will double up the insulation benefits as well.

Make sure to reduce the draft:

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In case you are associated with old windows, or if those windows lack a proper seal, then it is true that you will be a victim of temperature fluctuation. Even some of the moderate climates can also see the loss of heat with those drafty windows.

Therefore, the thick, insulated, and heavy curtains will reduce heat loss by around 15 to 17% whenever drawn closed at night. These energy-efficient curtains will create that perfect and much needed draft barrier and will prevent the temperature transference from the cold of window glass.

Always try to keep it cool:

During those hot and sultry summer months, using the curtains will prevent the sun from overheating the home’s interior condition. Curtains will have hose thicker layers of the woven fabrics, which are the best window covering solutions for insulating homes throughout the entire year.

Keeping that interior from heating up during the warmest part of the day means that AC or Fans don’t need to work that hard to cool down your place. So, make sure to leave the curtains open on the shaded portions of the house and drawing them close over the direct sunlight spots.

Make sure to keep artificial light at bay:

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When you are decorating the outdoor portion of the house, you always think of ways to enhance the look and value of these places. Sometimes, you aim for artificial light and try to use them for decorating the place as well. It is mandatory to avoid their usage as much as you can and just limit them to nightlife entertainment. Even so, you must no put multiple artificial lights to cover around the porch areas.

  • In warmer seasons, longer days will easily allow you to take advantage of natural light, even during the evening time.
  • Ambient natural light will not use electricity, unlike those light fixtures and lamps located outdoor in your backyard.
  • So, make sure to use the power of this natural light during the day to cut down the electricity cost. Consider closing the curtains only if the sunlight threatens to warm the house’s interior portion and not before that.
  • Moreover, just like with the indoor section, you can try working with the sheer curtains for the outdoor areas as well.
  • These sheer curtains will allow you to enjoy the power of natural light, and you don’t have to compromise your privacy for the same.
  • Sheers will allow the breeze to just pass through. It will help in moving the stagnant air and also keep the house rather comfortable.

Get along with the best team:

Before you move any further and purchase an outdoor curtain for your space, make sure to work with the best brands to help you out. Once you have done that, you can be pretty sure to invest money in the best brands and let the curtains last you for a long time.