Online Tutoring To The Rescue During Troubled Times

Have you ever wondered what is missing in the year 2024? I mean a lot of the things, which we hold dear to ourselves have changed, like going out to eat in restaurants, laser tag with friends, drum lessons with the band, etc.

However, one of the most important things, which we have definitely forgotten is sitting at home and studying, or our parents shouting at us for not doing homework, or yes, the golden one, feeling sick for not going to school.

All the little things, which were funny and cheered us during studying, have been forgotten, as we have forgotten about our lessons and classes, only. However, the academic session is coming back again and we need to prepare.

A study showed that almost 1/3rd parents of 3 major states in the USA will not send their kids to schools due to this global pandemic. Hence, how will we continue education during this pandemic or help ourselves prepare for the Academic Year?

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Online Tutors are the Craze

We also knew that there would be a day, when technology will become so advanced that studies will not be limited to books, blackboards, and a classroom, only. This pandemic has been one such reason why we have started experiencing this tectonic shift brilliantly – Online Tutors!

According to a survey, the market size of online tutoring services has increased to $663.3 million in 2024. This jump has only been possible because we are all locked out in our homes. Can you imagine the limitless opportunities it has opened ourselves to?

Always loved listening to French, why not learn the same directly from home. Baking has always been a passion from day-1 but could never make the time or get the guidance – let’s take the classes from that patisserie chef! All of this is possible, now. It’s time to know why?

Lessons at Your Convenience

Before the lockdown, our way of getting education was very simple. We would go to classes, and enroll for extra co-curricular activities, as per the schedules prescribed by these places. However, this lockdown made us realize that we were investing a lot of our time traveling from one place or the other.

Online Tutoring bridges these gaps and we can take the lessons, as per our own schedule, and invest more time in personal development while staying at home only!

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Exceptional Guidance

Online Tutoring has ensured that we can reach out to the best in the domain, without any geographical hindrance. Imagine you wanted the best burger in town but it was 15 miles away, driving to that place at times would have been a hiccup, right.

However, right now you can get the best sitting at home only, like those awesome LSAT Preparatory classes, which are in a different city, altogether.

Well-Curated and Balanced Curriculum

The thing about online tutorials is that it acts as an added bonus to the regular education you get from your high school classes. Have a knack to venture deep into Physics? It is not a distant dream, anymore!

Enroll in the classes from the top physicists at Caltech and they will guide you to the place you want to be.

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The Right Kind of Preparation for School

As we found out, this academic year will be majorly School from Home. Hence, we will be limiting ourselves to the screen for long hours. Although a lot of us have the habit to do that, still it is for leisure activities only.

Hence, mental preparation for a scenario like this is a must. Online tutors like Etutorworld helps to get the mindset on the right track, and the classes from home ensure that we are mentally prepared for the classes to go on like this for a considerable amount of time.

Wide-Array of Topics to Cover From

These kinds of specialty online tutorials bring a lot to the table. From lessons ranging in academics to vocations like cooking, music, dance, etc., online tutors have changed the way we perceive education. We can access so many diverse topics, remotely and this has made us available to a lot more valuable content.

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Innovative Use of Technology

It’s so unique to see how these online tutors use technology, in the craziest of ways to ensure that the right kind of education is being imparted to the students, online. Some of the online tutors have integrated augmented reality and virtual reality, to give an amazing dimension to education.

It does not feel like you are studying from your bedroom, only. The classes become way too interesting and boring topics like biology and physics are explained amazingly, and the students feel comfortable while studying these subjects.

Regular tests and newer ways of evaluation have also ensured that the classes are not going to waste and the students are learning new things.

Open Feedback

Feedback is a very important and integral aspect of teaching. Usually, the feedback takes longer to be incorporated in the case of traditional methods of teaching as there are scheduled Parents-Teachers’ Meetings twice a year or once a semester.

However, in cases of online tutoring, due to the heightened personalization, you can easily let in your feedback after each class or during the classes, itself and the tutors take into account the feedback and ensure that corrective action is taken immediately so that the students do not feel any discomfort at all while attending the classes.

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Regular Parent-Teacher Interaction

Some platforms even conduct regular interaction between teachers and parents as this helps them to understand the progress of your child and what measures are taken to scale it up, and how much they are enjoying the education.

Usually, students feel disconnected in-classroom programs, and hence they seem to neglect such education thinking it is not practical at all. However, with online tutoring, this has reduced considerably as everyone likes a practical way of teaching, and that is what these tutorials offer. Plus, the parents are well informed about it at all hours.

If you are still not sure about online classes, we suggest you give it a try. Who knows, it might be the push you have been waiting for.

Vukadinovic Sinisa
Vukadinovic Sinisa

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