8 Weirdest Online Gambling Superstitions 2024

People who love to gamble are known for being superstitious during their games, and there are many rituals they perform because they think it will bring them luck. Besides gamblers, we can see a lot of people in the sport who have all kinds of rituals before or during the game. One of the most famous people is Rafael Nadal, who is known for his rituals before each gem. However, superstition is most present among people who love to spend their time in casinos, and we can see multiple kinds of rituals that come from all around the world.

Furthermore, there is a rise in the number of people interested in any possible method that might bring them more luck, especially in recent years, with the expansion of online casinos that makes gambling to be much more convenient since you can gamble from your smartphone. Online casinos became more popular than traditional land-based ones, and there are many benefits to choosing some of them. If you are interested in some of the best online casinos in Canada, you should visit casino-online-canada.ca and check out the amazing bonuses they are offering.

Nevertheless, rituals that we mentioned are present in both online and land-based casinos, and most of them are linked to some superstitions related to lucky or bad numbers, movements with hands, and many other activities. Here are some of the weirdest online gambling superstitions.

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  1. Crossing Your Legs

According to many people who believe that some of your actions could somehow affect your luck during the game are believing that you should avoid crossing your legs during gambling. The explanation for that lies in the superstition where people think how they are crossing their luck along with the legs. It might sound odd to many, but you should pay attention when you are in some casino, and you will see many people who stick to this irrationality.

  1. Using the Casino Front Entrance

Another ridiculous assumption is related to the entrance of the casino, and many gamblers would rather choose the back door if possible, than going into the casino on the front door and meet someone who just lost there, and leaving while facing them. In that matter, we can see that many gambling houses have two doors because of this superstition so that the people who just won could leave on the back doors, along with the gamblers who believe in bad luck. The most popular case was with the MGM casino, where many people, especially Chinese, refused to walk in because there was a huge lion with an open mouth on the entrance, which associates on someone being swallowed alive. The casino had to replace the entrance to attract more visitors.

  1. $50 Bills

There is an interesting story about why so many people believe that a 50$ note brings bad luck. According to many movies about the mafia, gangsters had a tradition of placing a 50$ bill in a jacket of a person they killed and buried in the desert. Because of that, there are many gamblers that even today refuse to take this note as part of their payment in most casinos in Las Vegas.

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  1. Whistling While Playing

When it comes to whistling, the main reason why so many people avoid that is that it can be annoying to other players, especially when you are playing some table games like Texas Hold’Em, and someone might spoil your concentration. However, there is an actual superstition related to whistling, and that it brings bad luck. This fear comes to the sailors, who believed that whistling might cause the winds to become much harder.

  1. Numbers 4 and 13

We know that most of the western culture shares the same fear related to number 13, and a common belief that it brings bad luck. On the other hand, China and some other Asian countries have the same superstition about number 4. Besides these numbers, many people would also be surprised if you mention books in front of them while gambling since they think how that word could bring bad luck as well. On the other side, there are also some lucky numbers, like number 8, which is linked with success, especially for Chinese people.

  1. Counting Your Money at the Table

Another irrational fear that we can see is linked with the amount of money you have while gambling. The thing is that you should avoid counting your money while at the table. However, this belief is not so strange, especially because most people would find it rude if someone starts to count his winnings beside them. When it comes to this belief, it says how the best time for counting is after you leave the table or the casino.

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  1. Itchy Hands

There are different versions of superstition related to itchy hands, and most of them are related to Eastern Europe, but there are some similar beliefs in Africa as well. For example, Native Americans and African people think that itchy hands would bring you a great winning, while for people in Europe, it depends on which hand is itchy. In case that your right palm is irritated, that means bad luck, while the left palm is linked with a great winning.

  1. Lending Money to Another Player

The best thing about this common belief is that it will stop many people that might ask you to lend some money to them because they lost. However, many gamblers consider that as bad luck and would refuse to lend money to anyone while gambling. The main reason lies in the fact that you are giving money to someone, and there is a great chance that you won’t get that amount back. Nevertheless, there are some countries where people believe that giving money to someone who is losing could bring you even more luck for being generous.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to superstitions, there is no difference between players in land-based casinos and those who prefer gambling on some online platforms. An interesting fact is that many people would become superstitious while gambling, and only follow all those traditions for good luck only during their bets.

Vukadinovic Sinisa
Vukadinovic Sinisa

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