10 Best Neighborhoods in Philadelphia in 2024

Philadelphia is considered to be the second-largest city in the Eastern United States. In history, people in real estate neglect the importance of the land and its various amazing locations. Nowadays, the city’s value is booming, and many people across the globe are showing interest in investing and living in nearby areas.

In the following write-up, we will discuss the best neighborhoods of Philadelphia city. If you are also interested in real estate and want to construct your residence, you should go through the following list. You will get a complete idea about the places and the best things that are available there.

1. Wharton-Hawthorne-Bella Vista

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It is a fantastic neighborhood of Philadelphia with excellent career opportunities. There are chances of earning more than $56,818. If you want to buy a home in this place, you have to consider the minimum cost of $268,021. The city is ranked in the eighth position in terms of crimes and violence.

Independence National Historical Park is a significant highlight in it. The population of 29,357 reside there, which means that the area is not much populated. It is quite a peaceful place, and one can buy it if anyone wants to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with family and friends.

2. Northern Liberties

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This city is in the north direction of the Old city. You can find a quirky community there, which makes it a famous destination. The city is known for its delicious food and drinks. There is no issue of public transport, and one can easily travel to any place. It is a well-populated area, which is perfect for families. If we talk about schools and colleges, there are many educational centers with excellent teaching staff. The population of the area is near 10,000.

3. Southwest Center City

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If you are looking for the historic infrastructure and communities, then you can invest here. You can get affordable apartments with friendly families. Many people reside here due to the less house cost. If you are a small businessman, then you can start your company here to fulfill your needs. There are lots of facilities available here to keep you in a comfort zone.

4. Manayunk

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It is considered the best neighborhood in Philadelphia due to its outstanding location, i.e., on the banks of the river, Schuylkill River. The population of the city is 12,005, and there are incredible bars and restaurants. Many people dream of living in this place because it is a modern place of enjoyment and an exciting lifestyle. It is necessary to have an income of at least $67,074 to stay with the crowd of that place.

5. Chestnut Hill

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It is the most exploring and discoverable area in Philadelphia. It is the second safest city in which people can roam here and there without any fear. The criminal record is too less, which makes it an exciting place to live. People invest a lot of money to get a safe residing place. The total population of this area is 11,011, and there are many things to do here.

6. Bustleton

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It is a quite crowded place in Philadelphia with a population of 31,993. The crime rate is also high, which means that you have to be cautious when coming in Bustleton. The name of the city goes well with the things available here.

If you are looking for an apartment on rent, you have to spend at least $820. If you plan to stay here on rent, then it is an excellent decision to buy a home. It saves a lot of money every year, and after some time, you can buy a house for your family.

7. Boxborough

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In Philadelphia, it is another fantastic neighborhood, which is quite good for Eagles players. It is the safest place for everyone, but you must have an income of $69,711 to afford the place and its exciting lifestyle. As an average person, if you are looking for affordable apartments, then you can also consider this neighborhood. It is a peaceful place for retired people who can enjoy the beauty of nature and spend valuable time with their family and friends.

8. Queen Village

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You can get old homes and apartments in this neighborhood because the city’s infrastructure is quite old. You can explore the area by walking or by bicycle. There are small and vibrant corners that are safe, vibrant, and worth enough to discover. If you want to explore historical beauty, then it is the must place for those people.

9. Fishtown

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You can observe and enjoy many things in the city, like restaurants, bars, and businesses. If you are looking for smaller and affordable flats, then you must consider this place. It is easy to make new friends here because many people will surround you. It is also a historical place with great neighborhoods and amenities.

10. Society Hill

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This place is worth your money because it is an upscale area with many things to explore. There are fantastic schools, colleges, and educational centers here. There is a free library where you can discover a variety of books. The transport system is impressive, and people from other cities also love to come in comfortable public transport. You can walk or drive bikes to the streets to check out the scenic beauty of the place.

The Bottom Line

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There are 143 neighborhoods, located in Philadelphia, with impressive beauty. There are many things to explore in these less-crowded areas. People across the globe show interest in investing their money in real estate. They look for various places with excellent educational facilities, entertaining activities, and much more.

Make sure that you thoroughly go through some of the best neighborhoods of Philadelphia. It is necessary to consider these places in detail to know whether to invest or not. Check what you want and compare your requirements to choose the best one out of the listed ones. Make sure that you invest in a less criminal-zone area, where there is complete safety for you. For more information about Philadelphia, visit libertycitypress.com.