Blending Natural Straight Extensions on Curly Hair-Guide

Blending natural straight extensions on curly hair can be tricky. However, there are solutions to the problem. Being a curl queen, you might wonder if getting those luscious-looking permed weaves are worth it. Well, good news, honey. They’re worth it!

There’s a simple technique to having your relaxed clip-in weave blend with your kinky mane. This technique is the ‘Pre-Curl’ and ‘Maintain’ methods.

Pre-Curl – First Step to Blending Straight Extensions on Curly Hair

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After considering the pattern of your tresses, be you the loose ‘s-pattern’ or tight ‘z-pattern’, the next thing to do is curl up your straight natural hair extensions to desired style.

There are two ways to curl natural clip-in or tape-in to blend flat wefts on a kinky mane.

Heat-Up – Heat-Dependent Method

This requires heat application to perm your silky weaves to your desired taste. Natural tresses are easy to manipulate. Therefore, heat makes it easy to blend straight extensions on curly hair. There are simple steps to the ‘heat-up’ method.

  • Get acquainted with your hair pattern. Type 3-4 curl patterns vary amongst women. Understand your pattern, so the spirals on your extension can blend with your natural tresses.
  • Moisturize each weft properly and apply a heat-protecting product to prevent damage from the tongs.
  • Choose a barrel for your curling iron. The barrel you decide to use must be the same size as your kinky pattern. Be cautious and set the hot iron to low or medium-high, depending on the extension used.
  • After installation, ‘finger comb’ the ringlets to achieve volume and bounce.

Heat-Free Method

This Method Doesn’t Require Heat. It’s Suitable for Ladies with Loose Ringlets.

This method requires simple steps

  • Spray the wefts of the flat natural clip-in with water and moisturize them to achieve a ‘sleek’ feel.
  • Separate the wefts and braid them into small strands. You could also weave it into larger strands. However, the size of each braided strand depends on the pattern of your mane.
  • For kinky curls, smaller strands are the way to go. Braid the strands on each weft closely. If you have loose ringlets, braid the wefts in larger strands.
  • The braided wefts should be left to dry overnight. If you need your ringlets in a hurry you can blow-dry them gently.
  • Undo the braids with a tail comb, finger comb, and style as you desire.
  • Using Flexi rods and perm rods are also non-heat methods. Just moisturize your wefts and spin them tightly around the rods. Leave to dry.

How to Maintain Straight Extensions on Curly Hair

After getting ringlets on your flat clip-in weave, you should retain the shine and bounce of your pre-curled wefts.

  • Use a spray on your kinks after styling to maintain that kinky bounce.
  • Install flat weaves on kinky mane with clip-ins and tape-ins. These installation methods will blend your weaves with your natural kinks seamlessly.
  • Don’t use brushes or strain the spirals of your clip-in weave with your fingers.
  • Not every curl queen might want this, but you can flatten your natural kinks if you wish to wear your extension as it is.

With this guide, I think it’s time you got that weave calling to you and curl your way to some fab looks without loosing your hair.

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