Sons Ie – The Facts On Minoxidil And Slowing Your Hair Loss

Minoxidil is an oft-prescribed medication for men who have noticed signs of hair loss. Those who have a disposition to male pattern baldness are far more likely to experience hair loss than others.

The rate at which you’re experiencing hair loss might be particularly concerning to you, so what can be done about it? Is Minoxidil an effective treatment that can help you fight against these struggles?

Let’s look at whether Minoxidil slows the rate of hair loss you’re experiencing and what else the treatment does for you.

The effects of Minoxidil


As an FDA-approved medication, there are figures and statistics to back up the fact that Minoxidil can work well in slowing hair loss with the hope of stopping it altogether.

In its primary form, Minoxidil is applied topically to the affected areas of the scalp men are experiencing hair loss. This will usually begin at the hairline or the crown, but it isn’t strictly the case.

When you apply the formula, Minoxidil works by creating a better micro-environment for your hair follicles by increasing the blood flow and oxygen to the blood vessels on your scalp. This widens the hair follicles and makes it easier for them to absorb the vital nutrients that strands need to grow thick and healthy.

As a result of the medication taking effect, you’ll likely see a reduced or even halted degree of hair loss. Ultimately it is hoped that regrowth will occur once the hair loss has stopped.

The studies conducted into this display very promising results, particularly when Minoxidil is prescribed in its 5% formula like you receive with Sons.

How hair loss is slowed by Minoxidil


At first, you might spot signs of more shed hairs than before, but this shouldn’t be cause for alarm – it means the medication is working. To be able to slow the rate of your hair loss, you need to rid your scalp of the older hairs that won’t grow as well.

Within around 6 months of the treatment, you’ll hopefully spot that your hair loss has started to slow, or perhaps even stopped, with the full effects of the treatment typically happening between 9 and 12 months.

This prescription medication works in over 80% of men on its own but is sometimes prescribed with Finasteride for a greater likelihood of positive results. Having a two-pronged approach like this can lead to better and faster results as there might be multiple reasons for your hair loss that this will cover better.

However, if you decide to choose Minoxidil on its own, you can rest assured that it works very well in the majority of men who are looking to slow down how fast they are losing hair.

Are you ready to begin your journey with Minoxidil to fight against hair loss? Explore the Sons website today for more.

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