5 Things All Movies Get Wrong About Casinos – 2024 Guide

World cinematography is rich in exciting films about casinos and gambling. Statistics show that the audience remains impressed with these films because they love an action full of risk and excitement. Yet while some scenes depict a realistic picture of today’s gamblers and casinos, others simply look too good or too unrealistic to be true. Some people enter the world of betting because of the Hollywood influence, convinced that they can become millionaires overnight, while some don’t even dare to try, fearing various risky situations that they have had the opportunity to see on the screens. Neither extreme is realistic and that’s why it’s necessary to learn to distinguish facts from fiction. Only then will you be able to truly enjoy that experience.

The rules of poker and roulette in real life and the ones you can see in movies that show a luxurious and fun life in Las Vegas aren’t the same. It’s time to break the myths, prejudices, and misconceptions that have existed since the beginning of the broadcast of “21”, “Ocean’s 11” and others. We wanted to help you get a more realistic view of the gambling world, which is why we highlight some of the most common things all movies get wrong about casinos.

1. That Casinos are run by the mafia

In most popular films made on this topic, you can notice the prominent role of the mafia in the script. Bad guys are often associated with this business, taking into account the amount of money that circulates within it. True, the gambling capital of Las Vegas has a history that testifies to the presence of the mafia in the ownership circles of many casinos. But for some time now, this has been considered a distant past.

Even though you’ll still see bad guys in the movies, know that they’re only there to make the plot more interesting. This is particularly specific to Indian casinos whose profits are often used for humanitarian purposes or to invest in certain areas that are important to the entire community, such as culture or education.

After all, if you are a fan of online betting, then you don’t have to think about this at all. Simply choose one of the sbobet live casino games that best suits your needs and ignore the myths.

2. That casinos hire bad guys to beat you up if they notice you’re cheating

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When you think about trying to play roulette or poker for the first time in your life, you will probably immediately think of a muscular and bald guard waiting for you at the door. The same picture is probably in the heads of all those who are trying to win and cheat the system by counting the cards. And maybe you watched too much of the famous “21”?

Keep in mind that the worst-case scenario that can happen to you if you are discovered is for a guard to approach you, put his hand on your shoulder, and ask you to leave the building. No one will send a safeguard to chase and beat you. By counting the cards you aren’t breaking any law and so don’t worry. On the other hand, the guards don’t aim to beat people, but only to earn a salary and continue to live their average and normal life like you and all other people.

3. That counting the cards, you can become a millionaire

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Card counting is a skill that every blackjack fan would like, and not everyone is capable enough to master it. Once again, we will remember the movie “21”, in which a team of geniuses, thanks to the skill of counting cards, dominates in numerous casinos throughout Las Vegas. They manage to deceive the system and win millions until one day they start attracting attention.

It is true that this skill can increase your chances of high profits, but far from being a millionaire and as fast as you imagine. First of all, you will need a bankroll with a much larger amount than you think, so that you can play a sufficient number of hands of at least $ 100. Trust us, you would get more benefits from a full-time job.

4. That the rules are always presented credibly

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You know that film directors are allowed to fantasize, so you can’t expect everything you see on your screens to be true. This is especially true for movies whose plot is based on gambling life. The rules aren’t always as they are presented in movie scenes because they are often too good to be true.

Surely you know those scenes in which a gambler is allowed to invest a minimum amount to win a prize and then after investing one coin he immediately wins. There were also those in which the gambler agrees to bet, even though he doesn’t know the rules and doesn’t know what the minimum bet should be.

In this case, you have to learn to separate facts from fiction. You can achieve this only with good information before you make the final decision to start gambling. Keep in mind that some of the poker hands you’ve had a chance to see are almost impossible in real life.

5. That the casino sends special people to your table to ruin your game

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The point of gambling movies is to analyze the luck, loss, and life of the average gambler. To bring these phenomena closer to the audience credibly, through these projects they are also implementing the concept of “bad luck” and choosing various ways to present it. One of the ways was the scenes in which, in case the gambler starts to win and win large amounts of money, the casinos send a special person to his table who will bring him bad luck and make him give up. That way, the casino will prevent an excessive outflow of money.

Please don’t believe it, it’s so far from the truth. We believe that “The Cooler” impressed you, but know that there are no such people in the world. Think about it a little better, do you really believe in passing on bad luck from one person to another? It’s really just a myth that casino supervisors monitor other people’s progress in the game and look for ways to stop them.

We hope that we have managed to break these prejudices and myths that Hollywood created a long time ago. Don’t let that ruin your enjoyment of the game and keep striving for winnings.