5 Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2019

YouTube is the single most popular video sharing platform on the entire Internet. Many alternatives have tried to be better and to surpass it, but have failed. Of course, there are good alternatives such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, and a couple of others, but they are not nearly as good as YouTube. This is a growing platform that has been around for more than 15 years and it is filled with billions and billions of videos with all kinds of content. Out of those billions, there are millions of videos that have millions of views.

I could go on and on about the popularity of this website and how many views are on it, but I want to specifically talk about the year 2019 and the most popular videos of that time. This year was a shining moment for a lot of YouTubers that provided ridiculously good and funny content on the platform. This is why I decided to make this article. These people and their content deserve to be acknowledged.

So, here are the five most popular YouTube videos of 2019 I could find.

1. Gordon Ramsay on Hot Ones

I think I can assume that you already know who Gordon Ramsay is. He is probably the most popular chef around the world that is famous for his great cooking skills, his extreme way of teaching and helping restaurants to become better, healthier, and safer for the people. But, as I said, there is no need for an introduction for this man.

However, you might need an introduction to the Internet show known as Hot Ones. This is an interview-based TV show that focuses on eating hot and spicy chicken wings. It goes something like this. The interviewer, Sean Evans, has a famous person such as Gordon Ramsay as an interviewee and provides them with chicken wings that gradually get harder as the interview goes on. There are usually 10 wings, the first one being the sweetest and the last one being the hottest.

Well, this is where things get interesting. Gordon Ramsay is not exactly a lover of hot food which is why a lot of people love this video. His extreme reaction, cursing, and the great questions from Sean Evans are what made this video make 67 million views.

2. How to create Billie Eilish’s “bad guy”

In comparison to the previous one, this video lasts only 46 seconds. But, in those 46 seconds, a lot of people have had good laughs and have enjoyed the content, considering that it has 65 million views. This is probably one of the more popular posts on YouTube in 2019.

Seth Everman is the user that is behind the genius of the video. With the use of different instruments and random objects, he is able to re-create the sound of the very popular song from Billie Eilish known as Bad Guy.

It is a great parody and a great song, making for content that really deserves its 65 million views. It is not longer than a minute, so go ahead and give it a watch.

Keep in mind that not every video has “real” views, shares, or likes on it. To be clear, I am not accusing SethEverman or any of the other YouTubers on this list of such a thing, but I believe it is worthy of mentioning. Many users on this platform pay and use services that provide additional views. But, these days, doing so is completely normal as suggested by FamousFollower. So, if you want to boost any of your content, go ahead and pay for such services.

3. Make This Video The Most Liked Video On Youtube by MrBeast

I know, this title sounds ridiculous, but it is a hilarious watch by the currently very popular MrBeast.

Just a few years ago, MrBeast did not have any kind of recognition on the platform. He was just another user on the platform that uploaded videos regularly. But, in 2018 and in 2019, people around the world started to fall in love with his content.

As he got more popular and famous for his ridiculous ideas for videos, he went even further and started spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to make his content. He first started with keeping waiters and waitresses hundreds and thousands of dollars and then he transitioned into buying cars, computers, and even entire houses for his friends.

After that, he started donating to random streamers and even started collaborating with his own viewers. This is how he spiked in his popularity and he now has 40 million subscribers. Consider the fact that at the end of 2017, he only had 1.7 million subscribers and 20 million in the middle of 2019. In just one year, he managed to get 20 million more subscribers. He is a legend on the platform and creates awesome content.

This is the reason why Make This Video The Most Liked Video On Youtube reached 65 million views. I cannot really explain what goes on in it, so give it a watch.

4. The David Beckham Statue Prank

The Late Late Show with James Corden is a show that has been around for almost 5 years now. It runs on the CBS network, but also on YouTube. Usually, the content on this channel gets a lot of views, but not as much as this one. This one I was funny and ridiculous enough to reach 33 million views.

Basically, James Corden comes up with the idea of making a fake/ugly statue to honor the football legend known as David Beckham. His first impressions of the statue are priceless and his reaction after that is even better.

5. No More Lies

This one requires a little bit more context because it is related to a bit of drama on the platform. This one got well over 55 million views on YouTube, so maybe it is worth the watch. Personally, I have not watched it because I am not really interested in drama, but if you want, you can always watch all the other content for context.

In summary, it is posted by James Charles who tries to fight all the wrongful accusations against him.

There are thousands of other channels that have content with millions of views, but I believe these ones are the most interesting.